Zimbabweans in trouble in Botswana

Ex-FC Satmos duo of Mgcini Sibanda and Patrick Kaunda seem to have rubbed their former paymaster the wrong way through the manner in which they left to join new clubs.
In Orapa, defender Sam Phiri has been shown the exit door supposedly over issues of indiscipline.

His two year contract, signed last month, was torn into pieces by a club official. Interestingly, Phiri signed one contract copy and the club kept it.

He was never given his own copy to keep hence the officiala��s decision to tear that copy was to destroy any evidence.

Luckily, the former Miscellaneous XI defender managed to pick up the pieces and put them back together and is now able to drag the club to court.

They owe him a P15 000 signing on fee and his salary for last month. On the Sibanda and Kaunda issue, Satmos owner Mooketsi a�?Chinaa�? Mading has spoken out on his discontent regards the way the duo left his side.

The two were pivotal in the Selebi Phikwe cluba��s fairytale run last season, but left for Orapa United and South Africaa��s Platinum Stars respectively.

Apparently, Satmosa�� committee members are pursuing the matter probably with the courts although there seems no reason for such a move. Satmos got nothing out of the playera��s move to South Africa, as he was a free agent.

I am not sure on what grounds they expected to make money out of a player who was out of contract. They also received nothing from Orapa United for Sibanda and have threatened to hold onto his registration book until the club a�?paysa�?.

Herea��s what Mading had to say about Zimbabwean footballers in general, and the duo that left his club.

a�?Now I know how to deal with some of our fellow Zimbabwean players. Some of them are not trustworthy, and they taught me a very good lesson.

On Sibanda His move was overdue (sic). I think even you guys could tell from the interviews he conducted, for Man of the Match (sic). It was clear, he wanted to leave. Orapa should pay for his (registration) book, but they are just quiet.

Initially, the player told us he was going back to Zimbabwe (but) somehow he changed his mind since he is still in Botswana. Orapa United should follow the standard practice here. I dona��t know if they fail to pay us because they dona��t understand or they just want to frustrate us (sic). It is not good for football.

On Kaunda, I dona��t want to talk about it. In life when people help you out, especially when you are stranded, you should at least learn to say thank you to them.

You dona��t dump them just like that. Patrick Kaundaa��s manager annoys me so much. I was advising my committee members to just leave it as is, but they will pursue the matter.

We made him what he is today, but he chose to dump us just like that.

Our guys will follow it up. So, ita��s not always rosy in Botswana.a�?

Of interest is how this same club owner has not always been a saint when it comes to player welfare issues. Till next time!

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