Jah Sent

Zimbabwe dancehall on the rise in Bulawayo

Langalakhe Mabena
IT was considered a a�?Harare sounda�? but Zim(babwe) Dancehall has reached all corners of the country and now Bulawayo is firmly turning out its own chanters.

A talent supporting company Hard MaShona Culture Trust are breaching the myth by grooming Bulawayo artistes to sing Zim Dancehall.

Founded in 2010, the company saw the non-existence of Bulawayo artistes in the countrya��s dominant genre and decided to scout for talent in the city of Kings and Queens and artistes who have beenA� discovered so far are Gift a�?Gee Mupostorya�? Savanhu and Jah Sent (pictured above).

The two artistes who sing in IsiNdebele, Shona and English are set to release a combined album in August titled The Rising Sun.
Gee Mupostory who is a Mupostori in real life revealed his creativity comes from the real life events he experiences every day and from the teachings he receives from his Johane weMasowe church.

a�?I am a conscious artiste who sings about everyday struggles. I also do biblical allusions in most of my songs because I am a Christian and I believe there is a message I have to pass in my songs that must be heard by the community,a�? he said.

Did they try to push Zim Dancehall in Bulawayo before?

Jah Sent has always been in the game but had no means to put across his music to the Bulawayo audience who however, seem to prefer Harare Zim Dancehall artistes than their own.

a�?I have always been in the game but I couldna��t push my music because I didna��t have a financial muscle to push my grind but as I am now under the Hard MaShona Culture Trust I believe my music will be heard by the local audience as now my art will be well marketed,a�? said Jah Sent.

The projects manager of the Hard MaShona Arts Trust Andrew Musoni, revealed that they believed in the two artistes and that they would take over the Zim Dancehall scene very soon.

a�?We strongly believe in the two artistes because their music speaks and heals the people which is the whole purpose of music,a�? said Musoni.

Hard MaShona Culture Trust is a Harare- based organisation which is aimed at promoting Zimbabwean talent through supporting local artistes to promote their artistic creativity.

So far, the foundation has helped artistes, including Windi President, Master H, and their golden boy Mega Jani who boasts of several collaborations with Jamaican artistes.