Farai Jere

Zimbabwe can learn from Zambia

Raymond Jaravaza
IN an event Zimbabwe’s domestic football season is aligned with the international calendar, the country can adopt a model similar to one crafted by Zambia to keep teams in action before the 2019 season kicks off, a football analyst has said.

Traditionally, the local calendar kicks off in April to December.

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has instructed all countries to change their football seasons in sync with what is prevailing internationally where leagues kick off in August and conclude in May.

PSL chairman Farai Jere has indicated that they are hard at work to ensure the local league is in line with the international calendar.

But the change means local teams will be out of action from January to mid-May unless the country adopts a model that Zambia has formulated for their teams to play competitive football in the five months of 2019.

“Zambia has divided their league into two with 10 teams playing in a North League and 10 other clubs in the South League to make sure competitive football is played before their 2019 season kicks off in May.

“We can also come up with a similar model and possibly add one or two knock-out tournaments that will keep our teams busy from January next year,” said football analyst Dave Simba.

The PSL has also insinuated that it’s working on a programme that will keep the local football wheels on.

“We are working on two tournaments which we are going to play, one of them is going to be a knock-out and the other one we are going to put the Premier Soccer League teams into three groups, they compete home and away then we take the top two and the third best runner-up around May, that’s when we hope to finish that bridging programme,’’ said Jere.