a�?Youa��re having too much sexa��

Kim Kardashian Westa��s doctor has warned her she is having too much sex in her bid to get pregnant again.
Kardashian and husband Kanye West a�� who already have 20-month-old daughter North together a�� have been sleeping together up to 15 times a day in a bid for her to get pregnant again but have been advised to cut down by specialists.

Kardashian admitted: a�?The doctor said he thinks Ia��m having sex too much. He said one time is more powerful . . . so wea��ve tried everything.a�?

The 34-year-old beauty is baffled as to why she hasna��t conceived yet and has decided to stop following the rules in a fresh attempt to get pregnant.

She told E! News: a�?Ia��ve done everything so perfect to try and get pregnant. Therea��s a list of things you shouldna��t be doing and I was perfect for eight to 10 months and now I dona��t understand. Ia��m going to do everything that I want to do and that includes going platinum.

a�?Hopefully I will get pregnant doing all the wrong things. Ia��m totally changing my tactics. Ia��m over it. Ia��m over trying, over thinking it, hence why I dyed my hair blonde.a�?

And Kardashian is particularly baffled why people who dona��t want children seem to conceive so easily. She joked: a�?Literally teenagers on meth get pregnant in two seconds. Ita��s crazy. When you dona��t want to be pregnant, it happens.a�? - Zalebs

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