Your mess, your privacy

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NOTHING is special about your blood, instead it is disgusting!

I guess you have at one time come across used pads on the streets and as a woman when you see them how do you feel about it?

Whenever I come across one I feel ashamed and wonder how some women think.

Of course, we know that there are some people who are too smart and will not want to have contact with their menstrual blood. They then go on to just throw their used pads in bins and those are the same pads we see being a�?a�?displayeda��a�� on the streets.

Women should understand that someonea��s menstrual blood is something private and not for the whole world to see therefore, one should try by all means to dispose of their dirt in such a way that people do not see it.

All I know is that whether someone uses a disposable pad or a cloth menstrual pad, she should just try to wash off her blood before throwing it away. Sisters, you should make sure that your menstrual blood is not seen by people, you should deal with it alone.

We all know that women have their menstrual periods, but that does not mean people want to see that disgusting blood therefore clean up your mess and I am quite sure that even your partner does not want to see your used pad.

Talking to one of the elders on the issue of used pads which are seen everywhere, she was quick to mention that women of today ngamatshapha. When she talks about being careless she means that someonea��s menstrual blood is their life. Therefore, when you just dispose of it anywhere you are as good as giving away your life as your enemies can easily bewitch you.

Whether you like it or not, the issue of witchcraft exists. The old woman I talked to said, a�?The new generation of women is careless. How can someone throw away her used pad with her blood? Your blood is your life!

a�?The first important thing they should take note of is that when you have enemies and they manage to get your menstrual blood, they can use that against you and that is why we have seen cases where some women are barren or they have periods continuously or non-stop.a�?

You might have heard of such situations and these are not stories just to scare you off or make you wash your a�?a�?dirtya��a�� pads. Sisters be wise because ita��s not everyone who wishes you the best in life. Some people who are close to you may be wolves in sheep clothing and when they get your dirty pad that will be a good opportunity to do evil to you. Wake up from your slumber and watch your back! Clean up you mess.

The other thing women should know is that when people see your dirty pad, they spit out, a�?a�?bayakhafulaa��a�� and according to the old woman that causes someone to be unlucky in life.

a�?You know some people just become unfortunate in life whereby they are hated by people a�?a�?babalesidinaa��a��A� because of the issue of that everyone spits at their used pads. It is as good as if they will be spitting on you.a�?

Sisters, now the ball is in your court, ita��s either you choose to deal with your messy at once or face the consequences which might make you suffer in life!

The other easy option for the a�?smart womena�� is to wrap a few layers of toilet paper around the sanitary pad which will help keep the pad folded closed. All you have to keep in mind is that the main goal of sanitary pad disposal is to get rid of them in a clean and discreet way.

If you want to avoid touching your dirt, you can always use tampons which you can flash in the toilet and be stress free!

Sisters, take care of your dirt and do not display your used menstrual pads because no one wants to see them!
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  • God of War

    So if someone shits in the bush and people pass thru tat bush and see the poo and then spit; that means the shitter will have bad luck and be hated by people. LOL, this is nonsense.