Your first high is not and cannot be your last high

Mthandazo Ndlovu

The life of a drug, alcohol or substances of abuse-dependent or addict, is not a rosy one.

As these individuals try to keep up with their a�?higha�?, try l say, because your first a�?higha�? is your last a�?higha�? that is chasing the dragon as they put it in their own lingo, which one will never catch.

When these individuals get into a dependent stage, they begin to develop what is called tolerance to the substances they are using in getting their high.

When this happens the doses that used to give them a high no longer gives them those effects and they increase quantity intake and the tolerance level increases to an extent that, with that type of drug or substance they do not feel anything at all despite the quantities they take.

With this being the case we find them engaging in binge drug parties including alcohol as well. The culture of poly-drugging then begins to develop in the individual as a way of getting high. Poly-drugging is when one mixes two or more different drugs or uses two different drugs or substances within a specified period in order to achieve their high.

Most common within our society is the use of either cigarettes with alcohol, the use of marijuana with alcohol in order to feel the high, but as the tolerance levels hit we have found users taking their spirits and brandy diluted with energy drinks which have a high content of caffeine to try and achieve their high and this has proved fatal to some, as some have lost their lives and others resuscitated at hospitals to gain consciousness, and others have developed mental health problems.

The a�?skunka�? or a�?flya�? is one of the poly-drugging substances that have hit our streets heavily. These are cookies laced with various drugs which have become the darling of the drug and substance abusers due to their quick-pick-me-up effects.

These have captured the interest of the young and old, due to their price and also the form. Some have preferred it because they can now openly but secretly take drugs without people noticing and questioning either at home or at the workplace or at school, as who can think a scone is a drug.

This came to light as l was handling one young man who had gone psychotic.

I then gathered information and visited one of the mentioned dealers, having realised that the withdrawal symptoms exhibited by the young man were severe.
Upon talking to the dealer I came to know this skunk cake contains marijuana, thinners, diazepam and also the cough mixture and other substances that can promote one to get high quick.

I asked on the measurements and it was simply stated no precise measurements, the plan is just to get them high and they professed that the demand was high.-

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