Mkhululi Ndlovu

Young writer takes The VIP on tour

Zibusiso Moyo
LOCAL award-winning author Mkhululi Ndlovu (24) is set to tour the country following the release of his new book, The VIP which is an inspirational piece about how young people can achieve in life.

Ndlovu, who won two awards last year namely, National Aids Councila��s Best Communicator Award and the Youth life Coach of the Year Award revealed he penned the book to inspire young people.

a�?I wrote this book to motivate young people to rise up, the main aim was to inspire the young generation and raise awareness that they can rise up from any situation and that all circumstances are subject to change,a�? said Ndlovu.

His tour is set to start in his home town Bulawayo (date not yet set) and then to the whole country. He estimates that it will last for six months touring the whole country.

Ndlovu collaborated with other 10 authors who include Sithandekile Majida from Zimbabwe and South Africa-based writer Robison Shumba.

He further added that he was financing the tour from his own pocket but has been given financial assistance from some private organisations.

He also has managed to get some of his income from selling hard copies of his novel in schools and different organisations.

Whata��s next after the tour?
After the tour he revealed another one around Southern African countries is on the cards.

Some youths have said Ndlovu has inspired them with his novel.

One of the readers of his creativity Sibonile Dube, a pupil from Mpopoma High said:

a�?a�?Ia��m really inspired by his novel, his words have made me tackle challenges which come my way, thanks to him, I now have the confidence to rise up as a woman and be strong,a�? she said. chinese pharmacies online. bv metronidazole gel. cheap propecia bought safe. cialis lilly canada. actos 15 mg tablet price.