You rule your destiny

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Whatever you do now will contribute to what you will become in the future. No one is better placed to manage your life except you.A� I have observed and realised that some people shelve the blame on their parents or guardiansA� or someone who would have failed for example to fund their education or to sponsor them on a particular project they wanted to engage in.
Such people when they take stock of their lives in most cases they are filled with bitterness and disappointment for the time and opportunities lost.
But if I may ask, are such people justified to do so, the answer is NO!

They are there to provide assistance, be it socially or morally but not to take you to the land of milk and honey. That is why there is the old saying that states that you can take a donkey to the river but you cannot force it to drink. Parents or guardians pay for your education and it is up to you to commit yourself. That proves that you are the driver of your destiny.

There are some of the habits that either make or wreck onea��s future. Some of the habits are good and when one pursues them one will be able to be the master of his/her destiny.

Positive thinking is another ingredient that adds to that as it may be an avenue that may propel one to his or her destiny. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, and a favourable outcome. IfA�A� you adopt this mental attitude your mind will expect success, growth and favourable outcomes.

There are people who practise positive thinking and their livesA� haveA� changedA� dramatically. But those who do not value it remain on the receiving end. At one of the seminars one motivational speaker once said negative thinkers have no place in this world.

a�?Negative thinkers sow negative things in their own lives therefore one becomes a pessimist meaning they see life with a negative eye,a�? he said
It is quite common to hear people tellingA� others to thinkA� positive but surprisingly some people do not take the advice seriously, because they do not know what it really means, or do not know how to change their mindset.

To be the master of your destiny your plans should be based on a vision. The vision will help you to map your way forward and have a clear picture of your life. Moreover it will help you see the future while you are in the present.

It is of importance that you adhere to it and not be swerved-off. Some people do not know have a master plan ofA� their lives. A master planA� helps one to have a clear guideline of what one wants to achieve and how they are going to achieve it. When one approaches life without any clear plan he/she is likely to miss the point.

One has to stick to positive choices that will help him/her to be the master of his/herA� destiny. The choices that you make today will either add value or lead you to doom. Those choices that may lead one to doom are wrong choices.

To be the master of your destiny requires one to change the way they adopt new approach in life that is premised on a well articulated vision.

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