Blessings Nyathi, niece to Albert Nyathi

‘You can’t touch me, my father is a celebrity’

Lisa Masuku
‘I’M related to a celebrity so I am untouchable.’

This is what a Bulawayo hooker was told after a thorough beating over a client by a colleague who later claimed that she was related to poet and musician Albert Nyathi hence she was immune to arrest.

In a cellphone recording, which B-Metro is in possession of and unbeknown to her that she was being recorded, Blessings Nyathi (ABOVE) is heard bragging moments after bashing her colleague Linda Ndlovu that she could even get away with murder because she was Albert Nyathi’s ‘daughter’.

The two are said to be local prostitutes and on the day in question they had an argument over a client that Nyathi claimed was ‘snatched’ by Ndlovu at their flat in the central business district.

An altercation ensued leading to Nyathi assaulting her colleague who then threatened to file charges with the police.
Nyathi, who appeared unfazed by the threat, is heard bragging that her ‘father’ Albert Nyathi can afford a lawyer thus she will not see the inside of a police cell.

“My dad had a f**** lawyer before  but now he has even hired a better lawyer so the message that I am sending is that nothing will happen to me even if you open a case with the police. I have beaten you and there is nothing at all that you can do about it,” bragged Nyathi.

The battered colleague Ndlovu is heard asking her attacker if being a celebrity’s daughter gave her the right to attack without repercussions.

“So Blessing you assaulted me and committed a crime because your father is a celebrity,” asks Ndlovu to which the unrelenting Nyathi replies.

“Yes, that’s the message.”

It turns out Nyathi is not a daughter of the famed poet Albert but is his niece instead.

This was clarified by the musician when B-Metro contacted him for comment.

“She is my brother’s daughter, however, what she is doing is totally wrong. I am actually surprised she would do something like that and is into such kind of business (prostitution). I will have to call her father and inform him since he resides in the rural areas,” a shocked Nyathi said.

The attacker Nyathi did not seem to be remorseful and appeared coy when contacted for comment.

“I don’t have to report anything to him (Albert), you can write whatever makes you happy,” said Nyathi.

Ndlovu said she had decided against laying charges because of the impression that the case would not see the light of day since the attacker was well connected.

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    Untouchables, then we don’t have law.