Xenophobia song a hit

B-Metro Correspondent
As the campaign against xenophobia rages on, art has played an key role in reminding Africans of the spirit of ubuntu.
Gospel musician Toisen Marirangombe from Mberengwa and producer Joe Maseko from Bulawayo, who traces his roots to Malawi, have collaborated on an anti-xenophobia campaign song.

a�?What South Africans are doing is un-African and totally unacceptable. Just about two decades ago when they were still under the apartheid regime, some were refugees in the neighbouring countries,a�? said Marirangombe.

The song Sabela is a call for Africa to unite and do away with tribal wars. It perpetuates unity and reconciliation. It highlights the devastating effects of animosity on innocent women and children.

A Bulawayo businessman, Nduru, the brains behind the song, said Africa is one and people should ignore the landmark demarcations inflicted upon us by imperialists.

The songA� is a cross of local flavour and reggae fused with poetry. TheA� video to the song is airing on ZTV. prednisolone canadian pharmacy.