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World Cup fever, man pleads for a non-custodial sentence

Siphathisiwe Tshuma
A BULAWAYO man wept, begged and profusely asked for forgiveness to be spared jail time during the Fifa World Cup period.

It appears Collius Mutungamiri could not countenance the idea of spending time behind bars during the World Cup that kicked off on Thursday.

He had been dragged to the Western Commonage Magistrates Court for beating his wife Siqondisile Nsingo sometime last week.

Nsingo sustained serious injuries all over her body and she opened physical abuse charges against Mutungamiri.

When it was time to face the consequences for his actions, Mutungamiri put his pride aside and wept pleading with the magistrate Lungile Ncube to fine him instead of a trip to jail.

a�?Your worship, I know I am wrong but I cannot afford to go to jail because I want to enjoy the World Cup together with my wife and I hear that people are starving behind bars, another thing that is worrying me a lot. I will never do it again, I promise,a�? said Mutungamiri

a�?I feel like my wife is disrespecting me,A� my intention was to discipline her, not to cause harm in any way. I am really sorry and I am asking for forgiveness from my wife,a�? he added.

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