DJ Skaiva

Work comes first a�� Skaiva

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ITa��S a rare scenario for a celebrity to not care about fame and groupies.

However, for one celebrated Bulawayo Deep House and Gqom producer DJ Skaiva ita��s a different ball game as he reveals he just does good music to satisfy his fans and nothing more.

Actually, he reveals he doesna��t want his face to be recognised in public.

a�?To me ita��s not about fame, I have seen a lot of Bulawayo artistes who entered the game hungry for their music to be heard, after that fame gets them carried away and they start making bad decisions which is a major factor which also leads to their downfall,a�? said Skaiva.

How does he handle the pressure from groupies?

a�?I wonder if ladies even know my face, when I enter a night spot for drinks I dona��t get ladies who approach me with a�?groupiesa�� tendencies because they know Skaivaa��s music, not Skaiva in person which is a good thing to me because I dona��t want trouble that will destroy my brand,a�? he said.

DJ Skaiva is one of the decorated musicians of his time in Bulawayo, having shared the stage with internationally acclaimed house musicians including Oskido, South African veteran producer DJ Christos, Black Motion, DJ Ganyani and Soul Candy to mention a few.

He boasts of numerous awards including the Zimbabwe Music Awards, Skyz Metro FM Awards and the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.

To date he has three albums with his last offering being Against All Odds released last year.

He is a good exemplary celebrity in as far as the importance of education to most of the citya��s youths is concerned, holding an Honours degree in Geography and Population Studies from the Lupane State University.

a�?As an artiste I believe every African child must be educated to resist poverty and develop our society, of course there are those with talent but talent is not enough if you are using it alone, thata��s why even as I am a producer I also went to university,a�? said Skaiva. pile wyagra xcheap cialis india. .