Women’s league cheerleaders and holy anger

Khuphuka Nasingeni
IT turns out the ladies were serious about last weekend’s plans, I mean Valentine’s Day plans. Those who chose to play the waiting game like me, I am sure, are still waiting! Good luck to the waiting pack but I should point out that my patience is wearing thin and hopes are fading with each passing day.

And to think that I believed I had unlimited secret and public admirers that would stop at nothing just to catch my attention. As promised last week I thought of casting my net wider by checking out the Mamelodi Sundowns cheerleaders, all in the spirit of Valentines! My conclusion after Saturday, however, was that they probably have a more mature cheer group for away games, more like a women’s league and some male veterans, and possibly a junior policy that they implement at home. I will be following events closely on television in the away fixture.

However, the fans did not disappoint, very colourful dressers that sang their voices hoarse, with many apparently making no attempt to watch the match at all but making their voices communicate their presence to the players on the field of play.  Enough about the off the ball activities, though I believe our ladies that sit among those fashion conscious in the exclusive stands at B/F must have borrowed a thing or two from the South Africans . . . though I am willing to bet they can never beat our neighbours in singing . . . they sing at weddings, when on strike, at funerals, at soccer matches, outside court and so on and so forth  . . . and not out of tune by the way!

Still on the love theme, Pope Francis was touring Mexico early this week and encountered some rowdy followers and he had to dispense some Holy anger. You know, there are some people that will push and shove to get into a commuter omnibus even when there are just two people, cause commotion in any queue or a traffic jam at non-functional traffic lights. Can you follow dear reader, it is in these people’s nature to cause problems wherever they go. You find them in church too (John 2: 14-16), and scripture tells us Jesus had to use a whip one time to drive them out of the temple!

They are rabble-rousers and jettison some congregants with good intentions off the spiritual radar ominously towards the evil one. How dare these treacherous upstarts tamper with the pontiff’s temper? The pontiff had every reason to be angry as he was nearly toppled over as he greeted followers along a street by some nasty person that decided to not only touch the hem of his garment but pulled it so hard the pontiff was virtually resting on a follower on a wheelchair. I shall not say more save to say I wish I could understand what the Pope was saying angrily to the cheeky follower . . . though translators tell us he cautioned the guy against being selfish!

When love is in the air there is a tendency to feel that people’s emotions are malleable enough to allow for a bit of persuasion to avoid future headaches. Take for example some political party youth league that warned at the weekend that romantic liaisons across political party affiliation would not be viewed favourably.  And we thought love was blind. But this has given me and uMzo some possible solution to our burial society challenges, where we have been losing members through marriage. We now believe a clause in our burial society constitution would make our members love constitutionally and live happily ever after, a mutually beneficial deal!