Women’s Forum:Do successful women need to be submissive to their husbands or partners?

Khahliso Ncube

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To most men, culture and tradition dictates that women must be submissive.

Even the church has been found wanting when it comes to the issue of women being submissive to their husbands to an extent that men believe that they are above the fairer sex.

Respect is earned and not commanded and for a man to earn the respect he requires, all he has to do is to become the primary provider.

But as times are changing and more and more women are climbing higher on in the business world and are taking up much higher paying jobs, the issue of submission in coming under scrutiny with each passing day.

It’s no longer unusual for women to be the primary breadwinners in the family. Respect, as men demand it does not pay the bills, put food on the table and provide a roof over the heads of a family.

A successful chief executive officer of a thriving corporate asked the question: After a long day in the office am I still expected to get home at night and make dinner for my husband who has been at home the whole day simply because he expects me to be submissive as dictated by culture?

There is more to the question.

She makes three times more than her husband, works long hours, travels regularly on work trips and is still expected to be the traditional wife who is submissive to her husband.

Tired as she is, culture dictates that she gets down to house chores and starts cooking for the family.

But modern women are of the opinion that the husband could have done the cooking for the family and not expect the submissive woman to do ‘‘her wife duties’’ no matter how late she got home.

So when the woman pays the bills, the situation can be more complex because the man is supposed to shift and do a woman’s roles such as cooking and cleaning. Can the man swallow his pride and pick up the mop, do the laundry and the dishes?

That is a question that still begs the answer as men are known to be proud individuals with inflated egos.

In the African culture a woman must be submissive to her husband and the decision making is always left to the man of the house.

In a situation whereby a couple has to decide on how the budget is drafted, the husband who brings in less income still makes decisions on how every penny must be spent.

How difficult is it for the husband to leave the final financial well-being of the family in the hands of the wife?

When the wife has the final say in decisions, it’s deemed she has taken over the role of the head of the family.

Can a woman balance being a wife, mother and career woman at the same time?

Modern women will argue that they are capable of perfectly managing all the roles without causing conflicts with their husbands.

On the other hand society, or at least those who believe in women submission, reckon that career women are the best candidates for divorce or wrecked marriages.

Many a woman have sacrificed their careers to be housewives but the downside is that their talents and skills are lost all in the name of being submissive to the husband. Women can also have it both ways — career and family — and thus should fight to balance the two for a more fulfilling life at home and in the office.

After all a career and family does no harm to a marriage as all it does is complement each other.

Nothing beats understanding each other between a man and a woman regardless of who brings in more money.

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