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WONDERING about a quiet one?

Obvious I mean a sexual adventure. Once in a while just try to have the quiet one and spice things up!

As much as you sometimes choose to have it fast or slow, go for the quiet adult game where the rule is NO NOISE!

Silent sex can really get things on fire in between the sheets. It compels the couple to get in sync through eye contact and encouragement to be quiet. It is also said to bring an intense sense of love making and also lots of fun in your mutual effort to go without making sounds.

At least this is one time where you do not have to be a drama queen by faking sounds and all in a bid to give the impression that you are enjoying. With silent sex, ita��s just funny faces! Quiet sex is exciting because it is a little bit naughty, knowing you and your partner have to be quiet despite the toe-curling thing.

The best positions to consider when going for quiet sex include standing up, spooning, edge of the bed doggy style, cavity search, 69-ing and mutual masturbation. Standing sex eliminates the possibility of jostling furniture and can also be done in the shower, leaving the couple with lasting moments.

Remember that during the adult game whenever you feel tempted to shout, just go for a kiss. This will muffle the noise and increase the connection between couples. Also when you want to express your enjoyment, whisper in his ears than moaning or grunting. I know at times the pleasure becomes too much and difficult to control, but bite on a pillow or even your partner (um, be gentle, please). Believe me, its sexy!

The other position is spooning. With both partners lying down and one entering from behind, spooning sex doesna��t require a lot of movement. It is also known as the lazy-mana��s sex, spooning is the perfect position for quiet sex because it requires minimal movement for maximum feel good factor.A� Bonus tip: This can also totally be done inconspicuously under a blanket. On the couch this is a common position and it just needs the couple to remember the rule of the game, just try to be quiet!

The edge of the bed doggy style is when one person bends down and rests their elbows on the bed while the other stands behind. Got a squeaky bed? No problem, skip the horizontal and try taking your sexy time into the vertical.

Up the hotness for both of you and keep your moans at bay by sucking on his fingers.

Cavity search is one for out-of-bed position. One partner stands up with their legs spread and bends down to grab their ankles, and the other enters from behind. Then there is the 69-ing. Oral sex involves less of an in-and-out motion, so ita��s less likely to displace any objects. In fact, pretty much any other kind of sex will be quiet. Therea��s nothing wrong with knowing what works for you, but switching things up every now and again is crucial for a healthy, exciting, fun sex life.

Cowgirl position. We all know the truth of the matter is that everything always turns out better when the ladies are in control, this situation is no different. Having girl-on-top sex allows you to control the speed and movement of your sexual escapades,A� lessening the likelihood of too much noise and upping the likelihood of your big O.

The most popular position, missionary. There is minimal movement and usually your best case for a quickie. Mostly because you dona��t want to be going at this one for a long time. Why, you ask? Um, have you ever heard the noises you make when you are sweaty and sliding your body along another person. Silent sex is possible!

When all else fails, mutual masturbation is the way to go. Just lie in bed together and rub it out. This can be surprisingly sexy and the waiting game can make the sex all that much better when you finally find yourself and on the other hand knowing youa��ve got rules to follow!

It never hurts to try something new,A� especially in the bedroom. As we venture into 2017, brace yourself for several quiet, toe curling silent sexual moments, just for fun.

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