WOMEN’S FORUM: That thing on your head

Siphilisiwe Mloyi – THE other day I overhead some men talking about their wives in a commuter omnibus. The conversation was so thrilling and I was giggling all the way as I eavesdropped. One of the men said his wife always asks for money to do her hair every month but he has never seen that hairstyle.

The woman always covers her head with silk stockings popularly known as pulling socks.

When the man leaves the house in the morning her head would be covered. When he returns he finds the same story.

I giggled as I thought that 95 percent of women wear that head gear when going to bed. You will even find them in the morning putting those stockings on their heads. Some even go as far as the shops or bus stop with that thing on their heads.

In most cases the pulling socks would be old and worn out (seligcwele ingubo). But a pretty woman has the guts to parade it to the public. I am beginning to think that some men are brave. Imagine ita��s dark at night, obvious your head in those silk stockings will appear as if ita��s a sack containing a traditional healera��s bones and muti.

Sisters you can be smarter than that. I have seen you wearing great hairstyles out there. Come on dona��t hide them from your sweethearts. Instead seduce him with that sexy hairstyle.

Ita��s winter now, some even sleep wearing their old tracksuits. Where on earth have you seen that? Tracksuits are for sports not the bedroom. How do you expect him to be turned on with that tracksuit (eseyanamathela ingubo)? At 9am you will see my beautiful sisters, gracefully sweeping their yards wearing the same tracksuits they have been wearing the previous night in the bedroom. You are a lady not a tomboy, get off that tracksuit before he thinks that you are a man.

One gentleman said his wife sleeps wearing an old t-shirt. When he undresses her for the job, her breast would be popping out of the bra (selifohlile) and that puts him off. Ladies, you ought to attract those men. He has to eat in your hand. Men are so easy once you are sharp, he easily falls for you. Those little things you think do not matter can easily turn him off.

To make a man roar and to turn him on doesna��t just mean in a sexual way. It means to fire him up, ignite his spark, fuel his zest for life and make him want and desire your mind, body and soul. It is about spending quality, not quantity, sensual time together. How do you expect him to spend the day with someone who covers her head with silk stockings all day long? Thata��s why he goes for beer drinking till midnight. Sisters after all you dona��t need anything to wear in the bedroom. Your skin, those legs, bums and hips drive him crazy.

You wonder why he just sleeps as a log after a single round and doesna��t ask for more till sunrise. The problem is your habit not you. Do you think he is going to ask for more when you nicodemously sneaked into the blankets without visiting the bathroom; in the name of load-shedding. How do you expect him to romance soot?

A man is like a bee. He is only attracted to those sweet things you know! That sweet perfume just does the trick, it turns him on.

At your age you still have those clothes which you set apart for wearing at home. I thought those are meant for your toddler. Your husband sees many beautiful ladies out there. Dona��t think because he had the guts to put you in his house as a wife, you will dress like a granny going to the market and he will turn a blind eye to those ladies at his workplace. Wear those tight clothes for him sister. These are well-fitting clothes that get your womanly shapes out in the open. Ita��s not just about the breasts and butt here; ita��s about the waistline, shoulders, thighs and all the other good stuff. Men are suckers for the womana��s shape I tell you.

Prove to him that you want his fantasies to come true. Greet him at the door in those sexy lingerie. If you see yourself in cotton underwear throughout, you have a serious problem. He wears cotton so do you, where is the difference between you and him now. Silk is and lace does the trick. For him to see that soft skin of yours in that lace will prepare his mind and the sausage game is bound to be exciting. You will leave him asking for more.

Oh boy when a woman touches back, or even when she touches firstA�.A�.A�. ita��s overwhelming at times. Best places are around the neck, ear, arms and back of the head while kissingA�.A�.A�. touch a guy in any of these locations and youa��ll surely get him going. Those fingers are not for decoration. Touch him, feel him he will be desperate to be in between those legs. kesan pil cytotec.