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WOMEN’S FORUM: Stinginess must stop!

Siphilisiwe Mloyi order female viagra online. – IT is a very good thing that most women out there nowadays go to church.

This is great because church moulds a woman into a wonderful wife. However, the church only contributes spiritual basics and does not go as far as the bedroom.

In a church setup a larger percentage of congregants are women. Men are very few. Sisters you must not exercise your rules in the bedroom under the name of the church and Christianity.

These days people seek God like never before. Many of my sisters go for 40 days or two months fasting, which is good. My worry is that during the fasting they even fast in the bedroom.

They make sure that they dona��t partake in the bedroom game as they associate the forbidden fruit with evil.

Can I warn you? Mind you only few men go to the church. So when you are busy fasting asking for Goda��s intervention in your life dona��t think that a man will spend all those 40 days, let alone a week without the forbidden fruit. Your prayers will push him to someone else.

The very thing that made you leave your family is sex. So do not starve him. Men are men; they were created in a different way to women. Ita��s very hard for them to go for a long time without having that succulent forbidden fruit.

The fruit is so tempting once you test it, it is hard to let go. Especially with men they are so weak. You find that when they are young they are the ones who are always spanked for stealing sugar, jam, honey or powdered milk.

As they grow up and taste the honey in the cookie jar they make sure they pay to your parents so that the honey pot stays in their bedrooms not even kitchens! yet you deprive them something that they paid for. That is an error and injustice, it must STOP!

Remember when you are on fast he is not on fast. He is in a bar and sees this beautiful lady. Instead of approaching her he gets busy in his mind, fantasising about his beautiful lady back home, who is you. When he arrives home already in the mood for the sausage game you tell him that you are on fast.

Yet he wants the jar pot khonapho khonapho (there and there).

Dona��t you think he will find someone who will supplement her with the Garden of Eden diet for those 40 days until you finish your fast?

Dona��t get me wrong. I love my Christian sisters they are hot and organised, BUT you will find Christians divorcing just like any other normal human being, yet they fast fighting against evil spirits forgetting to satisfy their mena��s needs and wants.

Someone is already asking herself where do ladies go wrong to deserve those divorces and break ups when they pray that much. Yes, you cook very well and bath very well. You are hot but something is wrong. Christian ladies tend to draw boundaries when it comes to sex. They find some sexual acts disgusting. I will say it as it is. I am talking about romance, that steamy sex and all those little things which will make both of you reach the big O.

If your man likes to be sucked on his one-eyed monster, if you dona��t do it he will get someone who is interested to do it to him. Someone who will be willing to do it without complaints. You will remain busy praying home while he is gone.

The Bible has no manual for sex. It does not say a�?thy shall not caress.a�? In fact, it is against fornication, bestiality and incest. And in the book of Ecclesiastes it says, a�?Nothing is new under the sun.a�?

So the man is yours give him the pleasures he wants before he gets it elsewhere.

Some of my sisters are so stingy. When he turns to you for love you push him away with your elbow. That elbow is for balancing the arm not for hitting your man when he seeks another round at night. Some hide under the curtain of being tired. My friend I am telling you, one day you will wish there could be someone who can at least make you sweat. It will be too late, he will be gone.

I know some of you are in the choir at church. You wake up early on Sundays and put on your beautiful clothes, perfume and accessories.

He admires you while he is in bed. He grabs you to have a quickie before you leave for church but you pull away and tell him that you are late for church. You leave him burning with passion.

My sister you will remain singing and crying in the choir. He will be gone. Do not deprive him of his conjugal rights. He is entitled to them. Dish that honey to him anytime and anywhere he wants it. Remember you are one flesh ita��s no longer your body ita��s his. He has to do whatever he wants to do with your body.