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WOMEN’S FORUM: Men’s tastes are different

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SOMETIMES little annoyances can turn what could have been a great night into an awful experience.

Wondering where this is coming from? Last week I met this other sister who was sobbing because she had been given a red card.

Obviously one would be interested in knowing what had happened and the answer was that she thought she had failed her man in bed.

At first I failed to understand her until the time when one of her friends joined us and started narrating what happened.

Their story was funny, it seems this sister of ours confronted her best friend and asked her what satisfies her man in bed and proceeded to apply the same things with her man.

Unfortunately, it did not work and instead turned her man off. Sisters, when it comes to the adult game, it all depends with individuals and what could have worked for X could be a turn-off for R.

All I am saying is communicate with your partner and get to know what really turns him on and do not ask your friends because they are not the ones you get in between the sheets with.

Everyone has conditions under which they enjoy the adult game.

Sisters, do not be shy to discuss your sexual experiences with your partners and to get to know his expectations, open up first.

You do not have to criticise him, but suggest a few things which you expect from him that will improve your bedroom life.

For example, if you failed to reach a Big-O, he might have missed your G-spot, tell him the spots that make you a�?ticka�?.

You can go on and open up on your favourite positions because most of the time his best positions are not similar to yours.

Just because most times men are usually the ones in control, after doing their positions, they feel satisfied and ita��s game over leaving the woman still a�?hungrya�?.

Open up and get to know what your better half expects during the adult game. Being shy and asking from friends can be deadly because men are different!

If a couple is talking and listening to each other, they are definitely on the right way to a healthy sex life.

Sisters, after having communicated with your loved ones very well then you have to do the following things as they will give him the best and satisfy all his bedroom desires.

As a woman you have to be excited about sex. Men dona��t like to beg or force their partners to bed. Moreover men want their partners to show enthusiasm about sex, love it and make sex a thrilling experience for both of them.

Men hate women who do not smile during the adult game and the way a woman reacts differentiates sex from love making. Sisters, go for love making, not sex!

The other thing, women should be involved in the game. A woman should also play her role and be involved during foreplay, intercourse and afterglow, not the kind of woman that will sleep like a log as the man makes love to her.

A woman should be aggressive in bed, taking them to cloud nine as they make love, brandishing new tricks and giving the best in the best way possible.

Nowadays variety is expected in the bedroom, men no longer want women from the Victorian era that only want the man on top. They appreciate women that allow the adult game to take place in another venue apart from their bedroom as long as there is privacy.

Gone are the days when it was said a woman should always pretend as if she is not interested in the game, so there is no need for cat and mouse battles in the bedroom before the woman agrees to be taken.

By willingly surrendering yourself to your man by holding him tight without being told and opening your legs, you will be sprucing up your relationship.

Men also need to be seduced to bed, just surprise him and check out the results for yourself.

One important thing is giving him feedback. Boost your partnera��s ego by celebrating their manhood and appreciating them.

Sisters, be communication experts and improve your bedroom lives. Do not only talk when demanding things from your partners, but even in building your relationships.

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