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MANY women feel paranoid about how they smell down there! With summer around the corner the paranoia gets even worse.

Sisters we all know that if we dona��t take care of the cookie jar it makes a lot of noise, especially in closed spaces like offices, kombis and shopping queues to say the least.

Imagine the worst scenario if you are about to get laid. Just imagine what a turn off it can be when you take off your clothes only for the man to be greeted by the loud noise from your cookie jar.

As a woman, you just have to make sure that your scent does not make you uncomfortable and all you have to do is cover all the bases when you wash your vajayjay. After bathing, make sure you remain feeling clean and confident!

This week we are going to thaw down on the issue of keeping the cookie jar smelling fresh and feeling healthy. There is nothing that beats that feeling.

As much as you always get a mirror to look at your facial appearance, there is nothing wrong with also using it to check your vajayjay, for any growth that can leave undesirable scent.

The young generation believes that the cookie jar can clean itself through discharges; any other element can cause cervix cancer, while the old generation used the middle finger and water to remove any discharges.

Experts say the most important thing you have to understand is that the vajayjay actually stays clean on its own without the help of outside cleaners. It needs to be washed with just water and applying soap can upset the balance leading to infection, irritation and bad smells.

Therefore, ita��s always important to stay clean-shaven down there. Imagine if you have long hair that can trap all the discharge, it can lead to an awful jungle situation.

I have also realised that there are chemicals which are said to keep the vagina smelling like sweet flowers. Those in the know say it is not wise to use them because you may end up getting opposite results as they will wash out all the healthy bacteria that help your vajayjay stay clean and infection free.

Things usually start going wrong during that time of the month when the precious wound is bleeding. Get it right during your monthly period!

Many women are said to experience increased rate of vaginal infections when they are menstruating since having blood in the vajayjay throws things out of balance. If on period make sure you frequently change your pad.

The other thing to do when on periods is avoiding wearing those skinny jeans and tights as they can trap moisture against the skin and prevent airflow.

You have to have a good diet and drink lots of water. Fruits are said to be very good in freshening the smell of the liquids secreted by the vajayjay. Eating fruits will not really make your vajayjay smell like fruits, but it helps develop a more pleasant scent. Fruits have high water content and staying hydrated helps flush the body of toxins that can lead to bad smells.

Lastly, experts say always remember to urinate and bath your vajayjay after playing the adult game. Always pee after the adult game even if you will wash it again because unwanted bacteria can travel up to the urethra which is connected to your bladder. Urinating therefore helps flush the bacteria out of the vaginal area. After the game, wash and get rid of all the dirt around the vajayjay. There is nothing as embarrassing as being told that a�?unuka umuntua�? no one wants to know that you just had sex, bath!

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