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WOMEN’S FORUM: a�?ITa�� does not get angry

Nhlalwenhle Ncube – I KNOW most women have used sex as a weapon to get back at their better-halves if they go offside, but be warned sisters you are doing it the wrong way.

Anyone who has to change my mind, has to convince me with an answer which proves that the a�?a�?cookie-jara��a�� also gets angry!

Some sisters when they get angry, become mute for as long as a month, announcing a dry spell in the bedroom as the anger manifests itself in silence and eyeballing wars.

Sisters, the first thing you have to understand is that every relationship has its ups-and-downs. Dona��t expect things to flow always, but know that you and your partner will have disagreements here and there. Also understand that neither of you is an angel from heaven, meaning you are humans and therefore, not perfect.

A bit of compromise never hurts, after all it defines and sets the tone for most couples.

There is nothing wrong with getting angry, but learn to get over it. As a couple you have to learn to communicate. I have heard of cases where men get puzzled by their partnersa�� a�?a�?silencea��a�� at the same time refusing to be intimate with them.

This usually happens when the lady disagrees on something and instead of communicating they just become angry and moody. Never go to bed with an unresolved issue, talk over it.

Maybe a person who can act this way is someone married to a prophet, otherwise if your man is not one, silence is not the way to go. Open up, talk about the problem and solve it.

Sisters, life is too short to spend most of it frowning. Just imagine how many days and nights you waste when you decide to deny your partner conjugal rights over issues that can simply be solved. I know most women believe that they will be fixing their partners, but ita��s not the best way of disciplining him.

Also remember that regular sex life is good for your health. It can satisfy all sorts of emotional and physical intimacy needs and help partners stay close. If you stop making love, you start drifting apart and at times by the time you think you will have punished him, it will be too late. You will struggle to bring him back and then you start looking for issues while you are the one who created them and pushed him away.

In other words dona��t give him a loophole to wonder off in a quest to quench his sex dry spell somewhere else, ideas of this nature are indirectly encouraged, by the very sisters who will cry foul at the end.

The other thing you have to understand as a woman is that what works for your friend when a�?a�?disciplininga��a�� her partner might not work for you. Just imagine if you are married to that kind of man who is not good at softening you up and wouldna��t go out of his way to make things right between you. If you decide to sexually starve him, he might ignore you and it will not work in your favour.

Sex is like a garden, it needs constant weeding, cultivation and watering to maintain its fauna and flora, once ignored like a garden the bedroom game can lose its lustre.

Sisters, all am saying is that you should solve disturbing issues with your partners before bedtime and never go for sex dry spell!

The sausage game must bring both of you together. No matter how much you wrong each other, sex should be the medicine to heal both of you. You have to ease your temper through it. Ita��s a game which needs concentration for you to get the ecstasy you deserve. When angry, even though you engage in sex I dona��t think you can reach an orgasm. The same applies to your partner, the fact that he doesna��t deliver during sex is not because he is bad at the game but ita��s because you are both angry.

Experts say depression usually leads to premature ejaculation. Imagine you are starting the round and he reaches the orgasm there and there before you do anything. When this happens the game is over. Sisters, no sex ban if you really want to enjoy your marriage!

I like your messages, they really build people, please keep doing what you know best, and we real need people like you.

Hi MaNcube. You are doing a wonderful job through this forum. I am a man but I enjoy those constructive lessons. Ungu aunt uqobo.

Madam thank you for the article, a�?Take everything offa�?, it teaches all women a lesson. A mana��s feelings get aroused from seeing and touching, then the lust of expecting a good tasty dishing takes over. If all that comes as expected, all is well for him and no more cheating. Thank you keep the bedroom fires firing. a�� Bravo, Gwanda.

Hi sister I liked last weeka��s article. Ask me, the more you deny him the fruit the more you push him away. He becomes so cheeky, aggressive, but ungamupha izinto zakhe whenever he wants it, you become so close uhamba ekhumbula ukubuya endlini. Thanks for your articles, we have learnt a lot, keep up the good work. Again, tell ladies to do away with pyjamas and nightdresses this winter. It turns men off. Instead women should try fleece sheets during winter, they do the magic. Even if you didna��t play the adult game, but with those sheets and your man by your side holding each other, you will not feel the cold.

I like your Women Forum column. You telling like it is. Keep it up MaNcube.

Angikaze ngizwe inina elitshela amanye amanina iqiniso kanje, abanye imendo yabo ixhilile okwamanje. Hatshi amanina lamantombazana atshona eyengana ngemendo yabo. Bafundise Ncube enhle Mazilankatha bazazi lokuqakatheka kwabo emendweni. Iqiniso ulitshaye ekhanda wehlukanisa imbambo lomgogodla. Keep it up. a�� Reason Mahlafuna Ndlovu.

Hi sister, thanks for your articles. The chilly weather should not be an excuse, keep on educating ladies plus they should bath even in winter. Not just spraying perfumes, kikiki.

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