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WOMEN’S FORUM: Do not quit, solve the problem

Nhlalwenhle Ncube – IT does happen to most women, ita��s only that a few manage to open up about the issue as they find it embarrassing a�� painful sex!

A number of women choose to quit playing the adult game because of the pain they endure whenever they try to have that pleasurable moment. Do not quit sisters, but solve the problem. As experts say it is a common problem which almost each and every woman can experience in life.

It is said that most conditions which cause painful intercourse are treatable therefore one has to find the cause of her problem.

If you are a woman you should not have sex with your partner just to please him while you are in pain. By so doing, you will be destroying your sexual life as these are the same women who during the act will be busy saying, a�?Finish, finish I am tired. Why are you taking this long? I need to sleep.a�? This is a real turn-off and no man wants to get in-between the sheets with such a woman.

The adult game is supposed to make one feel good, it is a time of toe-curling and spine-tingling!

If you experience pain during sexual intercourse, the first thing is discussing this with your partner. You need your partnera��s support in this because if you just keep it to yourself and decide to avoid sex, then it becomes a problem in your sexual relationship.

In most cases, if you ever feel like his one-eyed monster is made of sandpaper during intercourse that means your cookie-jar is dry. Experts say there will not be sufficient vaginal lubrication. This means that couples should have more time in foreplay so that the body gets ready. The woman should become more relaxed and enjoy.

Then there is a problem whereby you feel like he is going to burst through your cervix. Most women have always assumed that this is caused by men with three legs meaning those with too big mambas. The truth is that hea��s not too big for you, but you are probably just rushing things. One researcher says, a�?Many women think that if they feel excited, then theya��re ready for sex. But your body needs time to lift the uterus and make room for the vagina to expand. The latter can stretch from four inches long to a fully aroused seven inches.a�?

It is then advisable that couples do not skimp on the pre-game warm-up. Most women need a good 20 minutes of foreplay to make sure their parts are ready for action. Fast-trackers, be warned that simply adding lube isna��t a good shortcut as it might make entry easier, but it wona��t change the length or shape of the cookie-jar.

Some women suffer from an itchy cookie-jar and penetration makes it worse, making them uncomfortable when playing the adult game. Research suggests that there are various conditions which lead to under-there itchiness, with the most common cause being yeast infection, which may result from taking antibiotics. It is also said that this may be caused by lots of oral sex and recurrent yeast infections; women who suffer from the condition are three times as likely to be on the receiving end of frequent oral loving.

When experiencing itchiness down there, then you have to rush to your doctor because if you continue with the act your man can also catch the infection and may develop temporary itching or a rash on his one-eyed monster.

Then there are some women who believe they are allergic to sex because of itchiness and the rash they develop after having sexual intercourse. In most such cases that will be an allergic reaction to latex condoms. At times you can still develop rash even if your partner had not used protection and this might mean you are allergic to your partnera��s semen. Both of you, then have to visit a doctor and get help! If yours is semen allergy, good news: The cure is more sex, not less so that you build up desensitisation.

In some cases, a woman can experience painful sex after pregnancy and this can be addressed by waiting at least six weeks after childbirth before having intercourse. Be sure to practice gentleness and patience.

Sisters, I hope you will solve painful sex problems and never quit the adult game as these are minor problems.

Thanks for your educative articles in the B-Metro. I wish all women had the same mind as yours, men will be happy in their homes, thereby reducing the high rate of divorce and HIV infections.

Keep it up girl. Most women complain that men want more sex yet ita��s something that we should share together.

Thanks sister for last week column, a�?It does not get angry.a�? You keep us going, there is no one like you.

Keep up the good work, we love it.

Thanks sister for the article. I like your message and keep on teaching people, ungu aunt uqobo. a�� Mercy

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