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WOMEN’S FORUM: Do it for him

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

YOUR man is your first born child and the unfortunate part is that unlike other children, he will always be your a�?babya��, having to do everything for him till the end, including washing his undies.

I know washing your partnera��s underwear is one of the most controversial topics that people take for granted, despite having a huge impact on our daily lives.

A partner is somebody you share a lot with, smile, cry and enjoy sex together and what will stop one from doing little things that contribute a lot in a relationship. Remember, small things count!

Underwear is very important as it is like an envelope for your privates, the last item of clothing to desert your body.

They are your veil between yes and no, between decency and the vulnerability that comes with being naked.

I have been shocked by a number of underwear I have spotted when I ask to use some peoplea��s bathrooms.

They will be stinking with dirt though their owners would have washed them. Anyway I do not blame the man, but I always see a weakness in the woman. After all most men are not good with laundry!

Now the question is, will you wash your partnera��s underwear?

I know many people will question whether we are talking of washing for him when he is feeling well or sick.

I am talking of when he is all well. Yes, my sister there is nothing wrong withA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� washing his underwear as it signifies love and care.

Besides a�?cleanliness is next to Godlinessa��. As a sister you have that opportunity to usher your man next to God, dona��t let it slip by.

I know most sisters out there are pondering on the mutuality, meaning if men can as well express their affection to that level.

When you are dating somebody, especially if you have gotten intimate with them, at some point they seem like an extension of you. Things like underwear stop being so hidden. You even find some couples sharing toothbrushes and towels, so what will stop you from washing his undies.

As a woman, you should take care of your family and not all men are good at washing to the extent that if you leave him to wash the undies all the time, they will change colour and become disgusting.

I know that there are some men who leave those… marks in their undies, yes ita��s something else, but I guess as a responsible man he should clear it so by the time you wash it, it makes onea��s job easy.

Again, as a woman you should make sure that your partnera��s undies are smart and presentable. He is your man, take care of him!
Get me clear, it is not anybodya��s duty to wash pieces of cloth that someone had been farting on all day, but couples should help each other.

Not minding washing your partnera��s undies shows a sign of togetherness.

I know a lot of sisters doubt the emotional motive and probably the sentimental attachment that comes with such a gesture, that many would relate to or openly talk about in public.

It is funny that some people despite going down on him, find washing undies sickening. What is better touching the dirt with hands or mouth?

Food for thought! Ita��s not like one has to wash undies everyday for his partner, but once in a while you can thoroughly wash them.

I always mention that men are like children, they can easily be lured by small things. Another woman can snatch your husband by doing what disgusts you. In most cases, if you wash your partnera��s underwear, he will treasure you! Remember, the more thoughtful you are to your partner, the more fulfilled and happy they will be! In return, he will love you more!

All I know is that if you truly love someone, washing his undies will not be a headache and it will help you notice old ones which need to be thrown away.

I do not think it is shameful or weird to wash the underwear of your beloved, you can wash his and vice versa.

Sisters I know most young couples out there as we term ourselves a�?moderniseda�� rather have a different or international flair of looking and dealing with relationships forgetting that our partners and our surroundings are not yet in sync with the international standards, that we prefer so much.

Nevertheless sisters we have different ways of expressing ourselves, like the aforementioned little things matter the most, as a sister you have to do the best to ensure that your relationship stands the test of time.

As we continue conversing in different tones on the issue, leta��s interact; speak our mind as we strive to make our relationships better.

Till next time, take care.

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