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WOMEN’S FORUM: Crazy a�?animalsa�� are hotter

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EVERYONE likes great sex where both parties bring a lot of creativity to the table. I hope you have at one time with your partner helped each other in identifying what type of animal you are in bed. It is important for one to know whether she is a screamer, moaner, biter, scratcher or the log.

The crazy animals who make the game enjoyable at all times are those women who are active, highly orgasmic women, have explored their own bodies and know what they like and are capable of during the adult game.

You know, it is important to know these things because at times people need to control themselves. For example, with screamers you have to be careful that you are not too loud and end up waking up the whole house.

If you are a scratcher, have mercy on your partner because if you do it too hard you are bound to leave him nursing wounds.

There is also a biter who when they are in another world cana��t resist being in vampire mode as they leave incriminating sexual evidence in terms of bite marks all over the body.

Then there are the silent ones who most of the times ita��s difficult to tell whether they are enjoying or not and a few who just make up faces to express themselves when they are a�?a�?cuminga��a��.

Nevertheless, sisters, there is a good part in identifying yourself, above the stated categories, it comes hand-in-glove when you find yourself faced with a sexual encounter to tackle in between the sheets.

There is definitely nothing wrong with being a screamer, if you have played netball you understand how the cheering fans drive the star in you to score every minute. Bring that experience to the bedroom, there is no difference, screaming is an encouragement to your partner that he is doing the right thing. But sisters please dona��t overdo it, that noise can be traumatising to spectators; just keep it within your walls.

Sisters, if you are a log you have a serious problem to solve. It is no secret that logs are a no, no for many men. Even those women who are said to be naturally quiet, when it comes to the adult game it should be a different case as they have to give feedback. If you are not good with words at least you can move with the rhythm. Why would you just lie there as if you are suffering from post traumatic stress. If you are a log, just try to move a bit and acknowledge your partnera��s efforts. In fact, it wona��t kill you, but take the fun to another level.

So sisters, scream moderately and wriggle yourself a bit just to show that the bedroom game is on point. Anyway you are the moderator and the curator of your own sex life.

If you are a log my sister you are bound to turn off your partner as the game will be a boring one. Just imagine playing with someone who never utters a word!

Lying lifeless in bed can send the message that you are feeling nothing, your partner can assume that he is failing to satisfy you.

There are some men who have become too eager to know their partnera��s problem and therefore end up exploring and get intimate with someone else to verify if the problem is with him or his partner.

a�?a�?Pepa��a�� talk after sex is not enough, sisters talk your ways during sex, scream if you feel like and make all movements in as much as his manhood inspires you to.

That being said, now and then there are sisters who believe in going for the jugular during the game, they will rather scratch their way to orgasm. But sister, once you draw blood from your partner know that you are overdoing it. Of course he can tolerate a few scratches.

Scratching is no doubtA� a sign that you are getting the real deal. I bet in this phase your partner feels like you are giving him an appraisal of being the man, who knows the path with no potholes towards orgasm. Scratching is actually the sex highlight of an imaginary picture you are drawing towards an orgasm.

With all this being said my sisters, your partners are not fools, too much of anything can be boring. It becomes worse if you are faking it because one day you will be caught.

Sisters, relax and listen to your natural sixth sexual sense and let your body do the talking, ita��s as simple as that. Parting shot, sisters go scream, scratch, dona��t be a log, dirty talk yourself all the way to the big O. Till next week.

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