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WOMEN’S FORUM: Changing the routine

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IN the past few weeks B-Metro and H-Metro published stories on couples making love in the bush.
This seemed to be something out of this world as most of my sisters despised and described the act as inhuman.

However, the story was received with different perceptions by the gents.

My male colleagues tended to differ as they attributed the act to being adventurous. Some even added that such kind of love-making requires a certain kind of art and ita��s enjoyable.

Well I am not sure about that. But the plain truth ladies is that the routine of playing the adult game in the bedroom every time becomes monotonous and predictable.

The pitch has to change in as much as the environment. The game has to be played home and away for the players to enjoy the game. Imagine if Bosso would play at Emagumeni every time.

I am not saying that people should engage in bush love-making sprees but I am suggesting that guys try something new. As adventurous as they are, at times our male counterparts cannot come out in the open and tell you what they want simply because they know you might be against the idea.

Imagine if he asks to have his forbidden fruit in the bush, obviously you will refuse. So sisters take these men by surprise one of these days and suggest playing the adult game at a different place.

They say love has no boundary, so is the love-making process. It will be so romantic to be in each othera��s arms at a secluded place under the stars. And guess what it would feel even sexier if the idea was yours my sister. They are few people who have the opportunity to write and get to act on the script.

Sex is not a chore and ita��s not duty. You are not a sex slave but you are meant to enjoy the forbidden fruit. It doesna��t have a formula like cooking sadza but its dynamite whenever there is enough chemistry between couples.

Just surprise him one day when he is fetching a hosepipe in the garage, follow him and do a quickie before the kids bust the two of you. He will have a day to remember. In fact, whenever he gets into the garage his mind would be flooded with that little time you spent.

The couch is said to be so comfortable. Dona��t waste your precious time in bedrooms while you can freely enjoy the love game in the comfort of your lounge. Who said the kitchen was sacred? Ladies, how long will the gospel a�?the womana��s place is in the kitchena�? be preached? Take charge of the bedroom game in the kitchen. Dona��t leave him before he reaches the big O. Even on top of that dining table and in the lounge, make him groan in pleasure once the children are asleep.

Sisters you should learn to turn on those men hard on, from morning until you meet for a quickie at his office. Send him a text teasing him and telling him what you are going to do to him later. It doesna��t give him any room to think about that yellow bone with tinted hair at his workplace. So stop that routine of only engaging in sex at night when you return from work. Sext him. You know the bedroom relationship syndrome; cure it with showing a bit of public affection.

For some of my sisters the bedroom game is played at night in pitch darkness. Get adventurous with the bedroom game. Take him by surprise as he comes from work, before doing anything seduce him and show him you are not playing games but you are up for a big job.

Just be naughty my sister. Dona��t sit like a visitor in your own home. Sit directly opposite to him in the living room and start playing with your legs when initiating sex.

To spice up things you must not be on the waiting and receiving end, be the initiator and director of your own crazed adventure sex script. Kill that monotonous missionary circle before it becomes a habit, lead him on and before you know it he will be begging for it.

This being said my sisters, ita��s time we get pragmatic a�� let the adventure begin!!!!!