Women use female condoms for make up

condomsTHE YOUNG women rush to the clinic to get as many female condoms as they can lay their hands on.
While matrons think they want to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STIs, these young women know better.
They keep the little sponges for doing make-up a�� and throw away the oily bay.

a�?The sponge is a quality product,a�? said Sandile Mkhebe (22) from Section A in Botshabelo, Free State. My friend introduced me to it and Ia��ve been using it without a problem for about six months.a�?

How successful the condoms are at protecting women from sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies is not known a�� but there are many beautifully made-up women in Botshabelo who are very happy.
a�?I see myself getting more beautiful,a�? said Sandile.

And, of course, the sponge is free. It is found inside the female condoms which are distributed by hospitals and clinics.
Before Sandile discovered the female condom sponge she used to buy compacts because she needed the sponge to apply her make-up.

a�?I will never give up using it,a�? said Sandile.
a�?It saves me a lot of money.a�?

Puleng Mosupane (33) from M section said she waits to see the condoms being delivered to the clinic.
a�?Then I go quickly and get as many as I can,a�? she said, laughing.

One nursing sister at a clinic said it was disgusting to use a condom sponge to apply make-up.
a�?The spongea��s job is to protect the punani from hurting during sex. We see many women with sexually transmitted infections but they dona��t want to use the condoms.a�?

Free State health spokesman Tebogo Oepeng was shocked.
a�?The department spends lot of money to make sure that women are protected and healthy. We condemn the use of the female condoms in this way,a�? said Oepeng.

a�?The department will not let the matter rest. We are going to conduct our own investigations.a�? a�� Online online pharmacy valtrex.