girl power

Women a�?breakinga�� all of societya��s rules

Yvonne Mateko
SINCE time immemorial from when women were not allowed to vote to modern day slut shaming, a womana��s life has never been hers to own.

She belongs to the man, the family and society. Well, at least thata��s what she has been socialised to believe.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a successful and accomplished author from Nigeria, in her book We should all be Feminists says, a�?We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smallera�?.

It has been enshrined into her that she must not give herself permission to want anything else outside of that. She goes on to say, a�?We say to girls you can have ambition but not too much. You should aim to be successful but not too successful. Otherwise you would threaten the mana�?.

I was reminded of a time when I was working for this big organisation and my male co-worker said to me:

a�?Dona��t buy a car, men are intimidated by women who drive. No man will want to marry you.a�? As if to say a woman is defined by her marital status. I think of Mbuya Nehanda, a woman who stood the test of time and inspired a revolution in a time when women were not allowed to speak in the presence of men. Women can make history!

Musa Saurombe became the youngest female PHD holder in Africa; she graduated from North West University. One day history books will tell tales of such bold women in the form of Fadzayi Maher, a political activist.

Samantha Kureya has broken the chains to be one of Zimbabweans loved comedian. Lochnation has created platforms in the creative industry more specifically for women.

Women have been taught to put men before their aspirations, hopes, happiness and even lives. But we have seen a rise in women being bold in order to effect change, to provide younger generations with role models, in becoming beacons of empowerment and in emancipating themselves from the chains of past injustices and prejudice. Someone once said, well behaved women seldom make history!

If someone has done an amazing job, tell them and celebrate them in front of other people. If you admire something about a woman, let them know that they are doing an amazing job and that their talents never go unnoticed. a��