a�?Women are protected speciesa�� a�� magistrate

A Bulawayo woman last Friday told the Bulawayo Civil Court that she was living in fear of her husband who had allegedly turned into a a�?monstera�?. A�
Oppah Sibanda, a security guard said her husband Brighton Makore, a boiler maker had allegedly caused unbearable physical and mental torture to her life.

Sibanda who was seeking a protection order against her husband also claimed that the latter was in the habit of coming to her workplace to cause a stir by shouting at her workmates and superiors.

a�?I am customarily married to Brighton and he is violent. I am now living in fear as he is in the habit of physically and verbally abusing me in front of our neighbours the last incident being on 13 July. He is always coming to my workplace to verbally abuse my workmates and superiors and as a result I have been changed premises three times.

a�?His abusive behaviour has turned him into a monster. The respondent who is also not financially supporting me is always taking my phone to see the number of people who would have phoned me on that particular day,a�? she said.

Sibandaa��s claims however, courted the anger of the presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina who sternly charged him that women needed their spousesa�� comfort and love.

a�?Why do you abuse your wife? Dona��t you know that women are protected species who need their spousesa�� comfort and love? If you are a boxer ita��s better I send to Khami Maximum Prison where you can meet and fight with other men who are hard-heartened like you,a�? said the magistrate.

a�?Your Worship, I really love my wife. All what she is saying is not true. Although we do have problems just like any other couple I do not go to the point of losing my temper and assault her,a�? he said.

Interjected the magistrate: a�?So you are saying the applicant is mentally disturbed with what she is telling this court? If you were not assaulting her why did she leave your matrimonial home to stay in Nkulumane with her sister?

The magistrate later granted an order which stops Makore from verbally and physically abusing the applicant. online lisinipril without prescription.