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Woman with choices…Double-crossing woman chooses to be second wife, dumps poor brother

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A woman who had been two timing brothers after being busted in her player antics decided to settle for the married one.

Godwill Mleya told the Hobane brothers that she wanted the older one, Jabulani who already had a wife to make her his second.

She even revealed that she had been taking the younger brother Melusi for a ride so that people would not judge her for dating a married man.

A relative who was not happy with Mleyaa��s antics that left villagers at Samlondi area in Gwanda with a mouthful to gossip about opened up to B-Metro.

a�?Melusi caught his brother having sex with Mleya and a fight ensued. Their other brother who tried to stop the fight was injured in the process,a�? said a relative only identified as Nombeko.

She added: a�?Elders called a meeting but it became worse when Mleya made it clear that she was not parting ways with the married Jabulani, in the process choosing to be his second wife.

a�?When Melusi heard the news, he became furious and made it clear that he will never forgive his brother for what he had done,a�? she said.

Jabulania��s wife didna��t entertain the idea of a junior wife and that has complicated matters for him.

Melusi told B-Metro that he was disgusted and would relocate.

a�?I am thinking of going to South Africa for good. What these people did is unforgivable,a�? he said.
Jabulani and Mleya refused to comment.