Gloria  Misi

Woman torments ex-hubby

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
DRAMA mama!

Gloria Misi the ex-wife of Enoch Chuma allegedly wastes no time in literally dressing him down in public.

As such, Chuma has applied for a protection order because whenever Misi likes, she visits him just a�?for controla�?, destroying his household property and clothes in front of his new wife. Misi is also alleged to be cheeky enough to forcibly take off his clothes in public.

a�?Gloria Misi is the mother of my three-year-old son. I pay maintenance for the child, but she sometimes brings him for weekends.

a�?When she comes to collect the child, she insults me, destroys property and tears my clothes. She humiliates me in public by tearing my clothes and I have had enough,a�? said Chuma.

Misi is also apparently a gormandiser.

a�?When she comes to my house she misuses food as she finished a 2kg mixed chicken portions in one day,a�? he said.

Chuma further claimed Misi has a habit of reporting lies to police that he assaults her. This causes problems between him and his wife.

a�?I can no longer bear what this woman is doing to me and I need the law to protect me. Even when I go to see the child, she teams up with other people and they attack me,a�? said Chuma.

In response, Misi dismissed the allegations.

a�?He took me to his house and we stayed together for four days before his wife returned and poured water into the house,a�? Misi said.

She further claimed that Chuma wants her to be his stand-by lover as he always comes back to her when he has problems with his wife.

The presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order on favour of Chuma.