Woman sues drunkard mum

Gibson Mhaka
A 25-year-old woman from Entumbane, Bulawayo sued her 43-year-old alleged drunkard mother accusing her of being a�?irresponsiblea�? by allegedly leaving her family including her sick husband alone without food while frequenting beer halls.

Nompumelelo Ncube claimed that her mother, Greater Chitengu, after getting drunk would at times a�?forgeta�? to come back home to nurse and give comfort to their father Woki Mulenga Ncube (63) who is not feeling well after he was attacked by a stroke in 2006.

Nompumelelo said she was struggling to make ends meet together with her three siblings as a result of her mothera��s drinking habits.

She claimed that instead of bringing food at home her mother would bring a�?cratesa�? of beer.

She further said whenever she tried to reprimand her, she would become violent and threaten to beat her up.

Nompumelelo who was seeking a protection order against her mother at a Bulawayo court said:

a�?I am the first born to Greater Chitengu who is very irresponsible as she drinks heavily leading her to neglect her family and sick husband who is also our father. Our father suffered a stroke in June 2006 and has been unwell since.

Everyday she leaves home in the morning to drink beer and comes back late. She sometimes doesna��t sleep at home and would come the following day.

a�?Whenever I try to reprimand her she shouts at me using vulgar language in the presence of my three siblings aged nine, eight and five. When she brings some food she does not give us. This however, forces me to trouble our neighbours asking for food. I wanted this court to help me so that she can change her drinking habits and irresponsible antics.a�?

The seemingly undressed Chitengu however, disputed her daughtera��s claims.

a�?I do not agree with what she has said. She is the one who is the problem as she once went to stay with her boyfriend for two years and came back home after her lover was arrested for robbery. I did everything for my sick husband and children,a�? she said, leading presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakure to refer the two parties for counselling. actavis promethazine codeine.