Woman strips naked to protect hubbya��s goblins

Gibson Mhaka
A woman from Xochiwa Village under chief Nemangwe in Gokwe reportedly caused a stir when she stripped and walked naked around her homestead in protest over a team of tsikamutandas (witch-hunters) who had come to allegedly remove goblins from her bedroom hut.

The mystical creatures were suspected to be owned by her husband.

According to reports, the woman Martha Murwisi, allegedly stripped naked at the doorstep of her bedroom before she went around the homestead after three tsikamutandas told her that they had come to remove goblins allegedly owned by her husband Tagwirei Murwisi.

Villagers could not help but stare in awe as Martha, in her birth suit, was marching around the homestead.

As a result of her impromptu strip show, the tsikamutandas reportedly retreated and sought refuge at a neighbouring homestead.

The incident was confirmed by Chief Nemangwe. He said it came out after Tagwirei was dragged to his traditional court by his younger brother Enock who was accusing him of bewitching his son.

Chief Nemangwe said it later emerged that the two brothers were both in possession of goblins.

a�?It came to my attention that Martha Murwisi wife to Tagwirei Murwisi from Xochiwa Village took off her clothes in protest over three tsikamutandas who visited her homestead to remove goblins believed to be owned by her husband. Marthaa��s weirdA� act came to light after Tagwirei was brought to my traditional court by his younger brother Enock who was accusing him of possessing goblins and bewitching his son.

a�?As a counter, Tagwirei confided in me that Enock was also in possession of goblins which were as well tormenting one of his sons. When I asked him (Enock) he did not dispute the claims.

a�?The two brothers, who both confessed that they were in possession of goblins,A�A� are now threatening each other with death and as a result I have sinceA�A� requested a team of traditional healers from theA� Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association to come and conduct a cleansing ceremony at their homesteads before the situation spiral out of control,a�? said chief Nemangwe.