Woman storms out of lodge naked?

buy viagra without prescriptions. Unnamed womanSesisa Gumede/Danisa Masuku
AN UNIDENTIFIED woman allegedly went berserk after tasting the forbidden fruit and stormed out of a city lodge stark naked. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon and it is suspected that the woman was treating herself to some afternoon glory at a city lodge when she lost her mind and went out running in her birthday suit.

However, other city dwellers claimed the woman was travelling into town in a kombi when she suddenly started screaming and removed her clothes, and a lot other stories are said about the mystery woman. But her nudity certainly captivated everyone.

It is not every day that people see a naked woman walk on the streets naked, so in a bid to treat themselves to a free X-rated show, a mob of people was seen chasing after her.A� The majority of the spectators were men and during the commotion they were heard shouting out all sorts of obscenities and taking pictures using their mobile phones.

a�?No one was willing to help the woman instead everyone just took out their cell phones and started taking pictures.
a�?A group of osiphatheleni (money changers) finally came to her rescue and covered her with a cloth, put her in a taxi and drove her to Central Police Station where they left her at the charge office,a�? said a witness.

A source who identified herself as Trish Nyamambo revealedA�A� that men were heard commenting on her size while others speculated that she was a victim of lunyoka.
A Good Samaritan finally gave the woman clothes and she was taken for psychiatric examination.