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ALTHOUGH sexual pleasure is God’s idea for both wife and husband, a Bulawayo man claimed his wife was sexually frustrating him by allegedly sleeping wearing tight pants.

Khumbulani Mhlanga from Cowdray Park in Bulawayo said his wife Christine Nyathi through her “trick” of wearing tight pants deprived him of conjugal rights for the past four months.

Mhlanga sought a protection order against his wife at the Bulawayo Civil Court. He claimed whenever he tried to have sex with her; she would refuse before threatening to report him to the police for marital rape.

Mhlanga bemoaned his sex drought saying their relationship had been reduced to that of a brother and sister hence contemplating sleeping in a separate bedroom.

“I am customarily married to Christine Nyathi and she no longer respects me as her husband. She deprives me of my conjugal rights. She sleeps wearing tight pants so that I don’t bother her for sex.

“Whenever I want to have sex with her, she threatens that she would report me to the police for marital rape. As a result of her behaviour I am now contemplating sleeping in a separate bedroom,” Mhlanga said.

Mhlanga further told the court that he was living in fear of his wife after she had threatened to kill his child from a previous marriage.

“She does not want me to stay with a son from my previous marriage. She has on several occasions threatened to poison him if ever he comes to stay with us. I am now living in fear as she might carry out her threats,” he said.

In response Nyathi dismissed her husband’s claims saying he was the source of their marital problems as he wanted her to service a loan which he secretly took from a local financial institution.

She said her husband was always consulting traditional healers looking for luck charms.

“Our problems started with him as he wanted me to settle a loan which he took from a local financial institution without my knowledge. His other problem is that he is always consulting traditional healers looking for luck charms,” she said.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakure, however, ordered the couple to keep peace with each other before referring them for counseling.

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