Woman sells nephewa��s house over debt

Danisa Masuku
A woman who helped a relative buy a house in 1981 has sold the property because the relativea��s surviving children failed to honour her with four cows.The house was bought by the late Adam Sibanda using his also late uncle Egitio Mbovoraa��s marriage certificate.

However, Mbovoraa��s widow identified as S Mbovora in court laid claim to it because her husband was not thanked for the deal.

The woman then sold the house.

Tawanda Sibanda, the son of the late owner of the house, Adam Sibanda, narrated the circumstances in court.

a�?Your worship, my parents were not legally married so they approached my uncle and his wife seeking assistance to use their marriage certificate to buy our family house,a�? said Tawanda.

But his parents passed on before a transfer of deeds had been done.

a�?My parents and uncle passed away before the change of ownership. The house was still under Egitio Mbovora and we were shocked to discover that his wife had sold it,a�? he said.

When called to give testimony, S Mbovora revealed that a deal had been agreed on.

a�?Your worship, before my husband passed away I admit Sibanda approached us shortly after their parenta��s death asking for assistance to change the house ownership to his name,a�? said Mbovoraa��s wife.

a�?My husband therefore told him that he should give him four cows as token of appreciation for using our marriage certificate. He failed to do so until my husband died so that is the reason why I have sold the house at Emakhandeni,a�? she said.

The matter has been remanded to February 19 at the Bulawayo Magistratea��s court.























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