Faith Sikhakhane

Woman reveals horrifying sex life with goblin

FOR almost 10 years, Faith Sikhakhane claims to have had sex with a tokoloshe.

She said the tokoloshe had started to complain about her bed, saying it was the titanic.

a�?I was forced to buy a new bed because I couldna��t sleep,a�? said Faith (30).

She said the tokoloshe had started fighting with her, telling her to get a new bed.

a�?He wants nothing but sex and every time after a steamy sexual pleasure he would tell me to have a good day and that he loves me,a�? said Faith.

a�?Ia��ve had no peace since the tokoloshe man started bonking me.

a�?After I went and bought the new bed, he invited his friend to join us.a�?

She said her sister Dolly Ntobela (26) has a similar problem.

a�?We wake up wet as if we were sleeping with men. I need help as this cana��t continue forever.a�?

She said the problem has become worse as the tokoloshe even comes during the day when shea��s taking a nap.

a�?Hea��s very excited with my new bed. When Ia��m sitting on the couch he calls my name and tells me to go to the main bedroom,a�? she said.

Faith from Jeppestown, Joburg, said she has consulted many sangomas and prophets for help but has had no luck.

a�?If I try not to sleep with him he strangles me. Last week I woke up with no voice because he choked me,a�? she said.

Dolly said the tokoloshe has a big 4-5.

a�?He tells us to have a good day after sex. I wake up with my bottom wet. We truly need prayers,a�? said Dolly.

Sangoma Precious a�?Dabulamanzia�? Sithole said the women need someone to remove the tokoloshe curse from them. a�� Daily Sun

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