loud music

Woman plays loud music to taunt hubby

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HOW to deal with an annoying wife!

This is a question which is apparently boggling the mind of a Bulawayo man following his revelations that his wife was relentlessly taunting him by loudly playing music from the radio and her cellphone while he was sleeping.

Themba Mpofu from Selborne Park said besides annoying him with deafening noise from the radio, his wife Mary Mene Mpofu, a teacher at Tennyson Primary School was also in the habit of coming home late.

A seemingly infuriated Themba said whenever he confronts his wife, she turns violent and subsequently assaults him.

a�?Mary Mene Mpofu is my wife and we are staying together. She is very violent. She damages property, bangs doors when I am sleeping and denigrates me very often when she is on the phone. She also comes home very late and causes unbearable noise by loudly playing music from the radio and her cellphone.

a�?Whenever I confront her she insults me,a�? complained Themba who was seeking a protection order against his wife at the Bulawayo Civil Court.

He said he was tired of his wifea��s behaviour.

Mary dismissed the allegations her husband had levelled against her saying they were not true but instead it was Themba who was abusing her.

a�?The allegations against me are not true. Infact he is the one who is abusing me. Recently he pushed me to the ground and I got injured on my chest. At one point he wanted to forcibly take my phone after I recorded him while insulting me. Turning to the issue of destroying property, it happened long back and the matter was resolved amicably,a�? said Mary.

Themba, however, insisted that his wife was the one who was abusing him leading the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant an order which compels both parties to keep peace by not verbally, physically and emotionally abusing each other. where to buy drug seroquel. alli precios online.