Woman a�?marriesa�� daughters to goblin

A Gokwe woman is set to appear before a traditional court after her two daughters accused her of a�?marryinga�?A� them off to a goblin.
Devastated by failing to secure marriage, the two women reportedly sought help from a witch hunter, popularly as tsikamutanda who advised them that the reason they were not getting men to marry them was because they were already a�?married to a goblina�?.

A reliable source from Mhondogori Village under Chief Njelele said: a�?The two daughters teamed up and sought the services of a tsikamutanda to cleanse them of bad luck. To their surprise, they were told that before a cleansing ceremony, there was a goblin at their homestead which was supposed to be killed first.

a�?It was said the owner of the goblin was their mother and she a�?married a�?them to the goblin when they were young and that was the reason they were not getting married.a�?

The two daughters reportedly returned to their homestead in the company of the tsikamutanda and that did not go down well with their mother.

Hell broke loose when they told her that they had brought the tsikamutanda to trap a goblin which was tormenting them.

a�?The villagers had a free drama when the woman scolded the tsikamutanda telling him to leave her homestead because the alleged goblin was not giving her any problems. She chased tsikamutanda away and her daughters were left with no choice, but to report the matter to Chief Njelele,a�? said the source.

Chief Njelele confirmed the reports.

a�?The woman has been summoned to appear before the traditional courts. The womana��s two daughters are saying they were told by a tsikamutanda that their mother had a goblin and they slept with it resulting in them being unlucky in life. priligy in india.