Woman kidnaps hubbya��s girlfriend

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Little did she know she was chatting with her boyfrienda��s wife who had finally caught up with her as they arranged for an appointment only to find the shock of her life a�� she was meeting a�?madam bossa�?.

Sibusiso Ndlovu (26) was left with no choice but to face Sikhanyisiwe Ndlovu (30) the woman who then led her to her matrimonial home where she a�?lockeda�? her up for two days.

Sikhanyisiwe was later arrested on kidnapping charges after she kept her husbanda��s girlfriend Sibusiso on lock down.

During those two days, she reportedly gave her food, allowed her to bath and go to the toilet saying they were waiting for a�?theira�? husbanda��s return.

Sikhanyisiwe was hauled before Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube and she pleaded not guilty citing that Sibusiso stayed at her house after they reached an agreement to wait for her husband.

The court heard that the complainant and accused know each other only in connection with this case. They reportedly met after chatting on WhatsApp.

Sikhanyiso started a WhatsApp conversation with Sibusiso pretending to be her husband and the latter fell for the trick.

The two met in town and Sibusiso was forced to go with Sikhanyisiwe to her house as she claimed they had to solve the issue indoors.

The complainant stayed for two days at the accuseda��s place as they waited for the man at centre of controversy to return.
Sikhanyiso was remanded out of custody to 9 August. cheap levitra for sale. oncology pakistan revatio 20 mg. . what strength cialis.