rape 3

Woman hunts down rapist

FIVE months after she was raped, cops had still not caught her rapist.

So the 35-year-old woman from Tshepisong near Kagiso, Mogale City, tracked the man down herself.

It took her only one week to do what the cops couldna��t achieve in almost half a year. Last Monday she went back to the spot where she was raped in January.

She kept going back to the scene until Thursday, when she found a piece of paper with a typed address on it.

When she went to the address, she saw the man who raped her.

She led cops to the house in Tshepisong and her rapist was arrested. a�� Daily Sun canadian pharmacy retin-a. alli in germany. can you snort mobic 7.5. ceo bank of america. coupon discount for atlantic drugstore.