Woman fined 47 goats for calling neighbour prostitute

Vuyelwa Sibindi/Siphathisiwe Tshuma
A woman from Manama area in Gwanda was fined a total of 47 goats for calling her neighbour a prostitute.

Siphumuzile Dube allegedly told Bekezela Sibanda that she had a habit of sleeping with touts in the area in order to get free transport to Bulawayo.

The women, who are vendors at a market, got into a fight after Siphumuzile questioned Bekezelaa��s business tactics. Hence Siphumuzile wrote a note with the words a�?Bekezela is a prostitutea�? to her husband.

Privilege Dube, a witness told B-Metro that Siphumuzile had done a good thing by revealing Bekezelaa��s secret because her husband was too blind to notice his wifea��s adulterous ways.

a�?Her husband is always accusing people of ganging up against her but she is a well known prostitute. Instead of thanking Siphumuzile he told her that he had not hired anyone to be his wifea��s bodyguard and that she should learn to mind her own business,a�? said Privilege.

Bekezela is an alleged joy ride lover.

a�?She has never paid bus fare and travels for free whenever she travels to Bulawayo to buy her stock and we are aware that she sleeps with the touts as payment,a�? said Privilege.

Siphumuzile admitted to writing the note.

a�?I am the one who wrote the note but I will not comment any further as I am in the process of reconciliation talks with Bekezela and her family,a�? she said.

B-Metro gathered that Siphumuzile was charged 47 goats as a peace offering but she only managed to pay 20. The matter is still being deliberated by the two families.

Efforts to contact Bekezela were in vain as her phone was not answered.

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