Elvis Chengeta and Phyllis Dube

Woman drags lover’s daughter into fight

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

SHE’S bitter that a married man used and dumped her after four years!

Phyllis Dube did not take defeat lightly when her married boyfriend Elvis Chengeta dropped the bomb that it was over.

In a bid to get back at the man by exposing his cheating escapades to his wife Clara Chengeta, she contacted his daughter and told her about their illicit affair.

As if that was not enough, she started narrating their sexual escapades and sex positions so the daughter would pass on the message to her mother.

The plan went well as Chengeta’s daughter shared her mother’s contacts and she started contacting her directly.

Unfortunately, her plan never went well as the couple did not part ways and it angered her more.

Dube then started being a drama queen going to the man’s workplace and home to shout at him and his wife.

After having suffered enough at the hands of Dube, the couple then sought  protection and peace orders.

In his application Chengeta said: “Dube is my ex-girlfriend. She is now harassing me by coming to my workplace to insult me in public.

“She also came to my home in the company of a gang of seven people. They caused havoc at my place and can she be banned from coming to my home or work.”

Chengeta’s wife, Clara also applied for a peace order stating that Dube was in the habit of insulting her and phoning her daughter.

“When their relationship had problems, she looked for my daughter’s phone number and contacted her.

“She was pushing her agenda to make sure the girl told me about her father’s illicit affair so she also told her about their sex life and positions.

“My girl, realising she could not deal with her, then gave her my contact details,” said Clara.

It was the beginning of the worst for the woman as Dube started coming to their home unannounced to shout at her.

“She always shouts at me saying I am an old woman and must back off,” she said.

In response, Dube confirmed the reports revealing that she was bitter because the man had wasted her four years. The presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja granted the protection order for Elvis Chengeta and peace order for Clara Chengeta banning Dube from communicating with the couple.

There was mini-drama outside the court premises as Dube’s friends who had accompanied her to court booed the couple.