Woman dies after sona��s burial

Raymond Jaravaza/Nhlalwenhle Ncube

DEATH at a funeral!

A Bulawayo family endured the agony of mourning the death of a loved one barely a few hours after they had just buried another relative at a city cemetery.

Ita��s said that the Zondo family, whose house is in Emakhandeni suburb in Bulawayo, last Sunday buried their son Tatenda who passed away in South Africa.

His body was repatriated back into the country for burial and he was laid to rest at a Bulawayo cemetery.

a�?Before ilembu elibomvu (a piece of red cloth that is hung at the gate to symbolise a funeral wake) wasA� removed after Tatenda had been buried on Sunday afternoon, word was received that ugogo (his mother) had also passed on.

a�?She had not been feeling well for a while and was admitted at a local hospital,a�? said a neighbour privy to the situation.

Ita��s the norm in urban areas a piece of red cloth is hung at the gate and curtains taken down from windows as a sign there is a funeral wake at the residence.

Ward 11 councillor elect Pilate Moyo confirmed the incident although he failed to attend both funeral wakes due to a busy schedule that coincided with the national Harmonised Elections.

a�?Ita��s true that two relatives from a house in Emakhandeni suburb passed away a short while one after the other. As the local councillor I always attend funerals in my ward but for this particular one I couldna��t as it was during election time and I was all over the place.

a�?I dona��t have the finer details but I understand the son passed away in South Africa before the elderly woman also passed on,a�? said Moyo. blue force doxycycline 200 mg. . female erection photo. ed pills cialis. cialis 60 mg angleterre.