Woman a�?defraudsa�� mother-in-law

A Masvingo woman allegedly defrauded her mother-in-law of $800 under the guise of finding her a place to train as a teacher at Bondolfi Teachers College.
Getrude Chakaraya (26) of Bondolfi Teachersa�� College pleaded not guilty to a charge of fraud when she appeared before Masvingo provincial magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso last Friday.
She was acquitted of the offence for lack of evidence.

In passing judgement, Mudzongachiso said there was no evidence that Chakachaya defrauded Linet Makumbike but there is a possibility that the accused could have borrowed the money.

a�?With the evidence that has been provided the court has realised that there could be no case of fraud. With the way both the complainant and accused presented their submissions, there is no fraud. The accused owes the complainant and she should pay back the money,a�? said Mudzongachiso.

In her defence Chakaraya said she did not defraud Linet Makumbinde (42) of Rujeko but she actually borrowed money from the complainant.

a�?I actually borrowed $865 from the complainant and never at all promised her a place to train as a teacher at Bondolfi Teachersa�� College. I however, admit that I still owe her the money and I have offered to give her back but since she had taken the case to court through misrepresenting facts, I could not give her the money but wait for the court verdict,a�? said Chakaraya.

Prosecutors say Chakaraya allegedly lied that she would find place for teachersa�� training course at Bondolfi Teachersa�� College for the complainant.

a�?On an unknown date but sometime in May, Chakaraya told Makumbinde that she can help her get a place to train as a teacher at Bondolfi Teachersa�� College. The accused further made some misrepresentation to the complainant that she had managed to get her a place at the college. She allegedly told her that $845 was needed as fuel costs and college fees. Chakaraya allegedly received $295 cash from the complainant. On 6 May a total of $570 was transferred into Chakarayaa��s EcoCash account using her EcoCash account,a�? said Tavonga Musina prosecuting.

a�?Makumbinde became suspicious when Chakaraya failed to produce an offer letter from the college and the receipts as proof of payment. She then reported the accused to the police leading to her arrest.a�? il viagra puo essere mutuabile.