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Woman, daughter-in-law feud in court

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A disrespectful woman from Iminyela suburb is reportedly in the habit of insulting her mother-in-law and boasting that her husband would never take any action against her because he a�?eatsa�? her private parts, something he had never done to his mother.

Sehliselo Ndlovu has become a thorn in Joyce Ngwenyaa��s flesh as she publicly embarrasses her.

Ngwenya has since sought help from the courts because the family failed to solve the feud that has put her son in between camps.

In her application, Ngwenya stated that she was being insulted and undermined by her daughter-in-law.

a�?I have problems with my daughter-in-law. She calls me a prostitute and insults me with abusive words in public, threatening to beat me up.

a�?She always tells me that my son will not listen to me as he does not only have sex with her, but sucks her privates as well,a�? she said.

She added that she had lost dignity because of her daughter-in-law and the owner of the house where they stay wanted her out so as to maintain peace.

Responding to the allegations, Ndlovu said she was also being abused by her mother-in-law.

a�?I respect her, but she does not love me. She does not want me at her house because Ia��m barren. She is the one who insults me,a�? she said.

Mxolisi Ngwenya took his mothera��s side when he was asked by presiding magistrate Tancy Dube to open up.

a�?My wife does not respect my mother. She disrespects her in my presence,a�? he said.

An order was therefore, granted in favour of Ngwenya. buy cheapest 100mg generic cialis.