Woman converts son into snake, keeps him in bucket

Michael Magoronga

A WOMAN from Gokwe named a snake after her late son Tanaka and kept it as her good luck charm and child.

The matter which happened in Village Burure, Chidoma under Chief Chireya, in Gokwe came to light after some prophets busted a bucket that contained the huge snake in the woman’s bedroom.

The woman, whose name could not be ascertained, confessed to the prophet that she had indeed used her son for juju and converted him into a snake.

Headman Madzivazvido confirmed that they were seized with the matter, with the woman, whose name could not be established, set to appear before his court.

“Yes, we have a woman who was caught with a huge snake that she stored in a bucket in her bedroom.

The bucket was discovered by prophets who are doing rounds in the area these days,” said Headman Madzivazvido.

The headman said the snake was named after her late son.

“The prophets ordered her to call the snake and she called her son’s name Tanaka and people were shocked as the huge snake came out of the bedroom. It shows she had named the snake after her son who died mysteriously,” he said.

He said she is set to appear before his court adding the woman cried after the prophets burnt the reptile.

“The prophets burnt the snake. She is set to appear before my court next week where we will have more information,” he said.

A source said the snake was named after her son who died prematurely.

“She had a son who was around 10 years who died under mysterious circumstances.

Since that time, she started amassing riches which were unexplainable.

No one could tell where her wealth was coming from leading to everyone concluding that she had performed rituals using her son,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

The source further said that the woman upon being quizzed by the prophets, confessed to have used her son for rituals.