Michelle Marole

Woman clubbed for a�?stealinga�? baby

Gibson Mhaka
A WOMAN from Sizinda in Bulawayo was lucky to escape after she was reportedly clubbed by a mob of vendors operating at Basch Street popularly known as Egodini after she allegedly attempted to steal a six-month-old baby from one of the vendors.

Michelle Marole (18) (pictured left), was thrashed when she attempted to snatch Fungai Khanyea��s baby after she pretended to buy clothes from her. Her crime, which authorities described as kidnapping, was heard when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa-Marondedze.

Circumstances as presented to the court by prosecutor Nkathazo Dlodlo are that on 9 May at around 5pm Khanye was at her flea market stand when she was approached by Marole under the pretext that she wanted to buy clothes from her.

In a bid to buy Khanyea��s trust so that she could lose concentration to look after her baby whom she was holding, Marole claimed that she was waiting for her friend who was supposed to bring her money so that she could buy the clothes.

While a�?waiting for her friend a�?Marole started playing with Khanyea��s baby before she disappeared with her from the scene. The court heard that a seemingly panicked Khanye tried to locate Marole but to no avail.

As luck would have it, Khanyea��s friend only identified as NaEve met Marole at Tredgold Building while holding the baby. Suspicion having got the better of her, she confronted Marole and asked where she got the baby from. Marole reportedly failed to give a satisfactory reason attracting the attention of vendors mobbed her before assaulting her.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Marolea��s arrest. Marole who is denying the charge, told the court that her motive was not to steal the baby. a�?Your Worship I was beaten and forced to admit that I had kidnapped the baby when it was not my intention. I was only playing with the baby before I took him with me to wait for my friend who was buying some goods at OK supermarket,a�? said Marole.

However, the magistrate shot down her defence saying it was not sensible for her to go around taking peoplea��s babies without their parentsa�� consent. She remanded her in custody to 26 May before she advised her to apply for bail at the High Court. price of tamiflu at walmart.