Woman claims ownership of brother-in-lawa��s property

Terence Kaseke
A businessman is battling for the control of his two houses from his sister-in-law who claims to be a part owner because she kept everything intact when the businessman was posted to the Democratic Republic of Congo serving in the military.

It all began when the sister-in-law, Media Sunday chased away her mother Eddie Nyoni from one of Patrick Ngwenya, her brother-in-lawa��s houses in Gokwe in the year 2000.

At that time, Senzeni,A� Patricka��s wife had died leaving her mother and another sibling, Choice, to take care of the properties. But when Patrick returned from military duty in the DRC he could not access his houses from Media Sunday. It has been 15 years with no joy for Patrick who poured his heart out to B-Metro.

a�?When I tried to drive her out of my house she sued for harassment. I was ordered to pay her $100 monthly by the courts. I was confused because we were never married, the only relationship we had is that of brother and sister-in-law,a�? said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya came up with plan B which too drew a blank.

a�?I was yet again shocked when I was served with papers by the Messenger of Court barring me from selling my property saying I would needA� her consent to sell my property because it was classified under matrimonial property which implied that I and Media were married. I am not married to her,a�? he said.

B-Metro is in possession of documents that prove Ngwenya and Sunday are not married in any way and that Ngwenya is the sole heir to Senzenia��s (his late wifea��s) estate.

Sundaya��s younger sister Choice said she is disheartened by what her sister has done.

a�?What she is doing is out of greed. She has disrespected my sistera��s legacy by trying to cling on to Ngwenya. What she is doing is not fair because she has never worked for a single dime in her life and now she is claiming Ngwenyaa��sA� properties like they were herA� own,a�? said Choice.

When reached for comment, Sunday maintained her claim of owning the property and businesses. She insisted that they were customarily married despite not being able to give an account of the people that witnessed the proceedings.

a�?I am married to Patrick. I know he will try denying it. There was a traditional ceremony that was held uniting us. I dona��t have the proof but it happened, right now he has barred me from enjoying the lifestyle I was living as I am no longer in the position of collecting rentals and running the businesses,a�? said Sunday.