Princess Nyoni

Woman beats up in-laws

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

A Pumula woman believes she has lived to see a real monster-in-law following her tough experiences with her mother-in-law who has vowed never to accept her because she is not of her tribe.

The hatred has even extended to her parents as the mother-in-law beats her and her parents whenever she has a misunderstanding with the woman.

Princess Nyoni (18, PICTURED ABOVE) claims she has never tasted joy in marriage because of her mother-in-law Gertrude Dube who is in the habit of calling her names and beating her up.

a�?My mother-in-law shouts at me all the times and openly declared that she hates me because am a Shona girl.

a�?She said she does not want a Shona girl to be her daughter-in-law and always shouts at me. I started staying with her five years ago, but we are always fighting,a�? said Nyoni.

It is reported that Nyoni at one time told her parents what she was going through and they reported the matter to residents chairman so he could help solve the problem, but Dube chased them away.

a�?I was going through a hard time and decided to involve my parents with the hope they were going to solve the matter.

a�?They reported the matter to residenta��s chairman and therefore approached my mother-in-law, but she chased them away and threatened to beat them up.

a�?She recently chased me away and took away my two children saying I should leave empty handed and leave everything including her grandchildren,a�? said Nyoni.

Nyoni said after a few days she was arrested by police on child neglect charges.

Nyonia��s mother said she believed her daughter had suffered enough and it was unfortunate her son-in-law was in jail.

a�?Her mother-in-law is something else and a number of times have chased after me and my husband as she wants to beat us as well.

a�?If only my son-in-law was around, but he is in jail,a�? she said.

Dube refused to comment on the issue saying her daughter-in-law was disrespectful and she lied all the time. pfizer viagra online canada pharmacy.

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