Woman (28) disowned for joining Makandiwaa��s church

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
THE wave of prophetic churches that has taken masses by storm has landed a 28-year-old woman in trouble after she was sent packing by her parents for leaving SDA to join a Pentecostal church.According to a source, Precious Sibanda, who had been attending the Seventh Day Adventist church since birth, was sent packing by her mother Maria Sibanda after deciding to join the United Family International Church whose founder is Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

It is reported that Sibanda, who is a SDA member accused her daughter of attending a�?satanica�? churches whose foundations are not known.

Precious, who is living with a friend in Famona, confirmed that she was chased away from home after practising her right to freedom of assembly and worship.

a�?Ita��s so sad and disappointing that my own mother chucked me out ofA� her house accusing me of being a satanist because I leftA� SDA our family church to join UFIC. Ita��s been three months since I joined the church. This other time when I came with anointing oil she said she did not want satanic stuff to enter her house.

a�?Ia��ve tried to live with this as I told myself that the bible says Christians will be persecuted,a�? she said.

a�?I was shocked on Sunday when she told me that she cana��t continue to live with a satanist so I was shown the door,a�? she said.

When reached for comment Sibanda said that everybody who was under her roof should live according to her ground rules.

a�?Is she the one who sent you? I wona��t refrain from what I said to her. As long as someone is under my roof she abides by my rules. But when she thinks she is grown up she can leave this house. I cannot be ruled by my own child.

a�?I cana��t let her come here with incantations from her so called church. Her father attended SDA until he departed this earth. I dona��t want trouble in my house,a�? the infuriated Sibanda said. manfaat voltaren.

  • Hampo

    That would not also happen in my house. The Makandiwas and company are the prophets that we read of in Matthew 24: 11. Keep your faith Mama Sibanda.

  • Silenje Rocky

    Sorry my dear sister for being chucked out. Please if u can afford to go to Harare for church service, by all means do so, God will locate u and all those who are tormenting u now will kneel and bag u very soon for GOD want 2use u to open your family’s way. If u cant, then stay steadfast, God is with u.

  • Thithi Luba

    Good MaSibanda, Makandiwa can look after her! You are right , these churches that encourage young people to disrespect their parents, what Bible do they read from. In my house, nNO MAKANDIWAS, ENGELS OR MAGAYAS TO HELL WITH THE EVIL LOT!

    • Yashua

      do you have a complete proof that makandiwa is a satanist


    l was also born and bread in a seventh dayish church and l know whole lot of stuff hidden there. Adventists are a harven for billions of Satanists,custodians of marine spirits and the fact that there is no such power as that make demons or evil spirits manifest,makes it the ideal hiding place for evil this girl who has unfortunately been chucked out of home,l say you have not been so unfortunate as such but your str has shined unto the lord and the almighty is in the process of saving you from hell secretly practiced for centuries in your like wise and travel to Harare if so it permits.

  • Yashua

    God is with you my sister