Sihle Msebele

Witchcraft or coincidence?

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
CHABASICHANA villagers in Cross Dete are in a dilemma following the mysterious deaths of three workers from a certain shop with two later going crazy which has resulted in some villagers suspecting witchcraft.

The villagers have since lost interest in working at the shop in question. They fear becoming victims too.

The owner of the shops only identified as Ndlovu believes the incidents were mere accidents that have nothing to do with him.

It is reported that of the three workers who died, two were hit by trucks in unrelated circumstances.

The other one died after a tree fell on him outside the shops.

When villagers were still trying to make sense of these three deaths, two other workers reportedly went insane resulting in them concluding there was more to the accidents than what met the eye.

Complicating the issue more is that one of the workers who went insane had witnessed the accident where Collen Msebele died after being hit by a truck.

When a  B-Metro crew visited the area, villagers who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed they feared working for Ndlovu following the recent developments.

“It is a tricky issue and now villagers do not want to be employed at Ndlovu’s shops. Three of his workers died under unclear circumstances. Two are mentally unstable. We better stay unemployed than put our lives in danger,” said one villager.

Sihle Msebele (ABOVE) , whose brother Collen Msebele was one of the victims, said their family had a lot of unanswered questions regarding his death.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions. The person who was with him claimed he did not see or hear anything when the accident occurred. There is nothing we can do. According to his death certificate, Collen died due to head injuries sustained in the accident,” said Sihle.

Xolani Gumbo who was in the company of the now deceased and reportedly became mentally unstable three days after the accident, said he wished to die as he had suffered enough.

“I feel something in my stomach and at times I feel as if something is strangling me. I was with Collen when he got hit by a truck, but before the accident, he was acting like a mad person and hallucinating. I tried to control him and failed then the next thing the truck hit him.

“A few days later Ndlovu fired me. He said I should not say things I do not know about. That is the reason I lied that I did not see or hear anything,” said Gumbo also popularly known as Madinda.

Madinda’s mother, Annastacia Gumbo said she did not understand what really happened to her son.

“I was at a funeral when I got the news that Madinda had become mentally unstable. I rushed back only to be told about the accident where his colleague had died and as for him he is not in his senses.

“When I confronted Ndlovu, he just told me he had fired him without paying him a cent despite the fact that he had worked for him for almost four years,” said the visibly troubled woman.

However, Ndlovu confirmed the deaths, but distanced himself from the incidents.

“Accidents do happen and I do not have control over that. There are people who are cooking up stories because of competition. I have good customer care and nothing else,” he said.

One of the village heads confirmed the deaths, but declined to comment on the issue.

“The only thing that I know is that villagers are calling for the closure of the night club as they believe it’s promoting prostitution and theft in the village,” said the village head.

  • Museyamwa

    Ndlovu, you need to pay the one that you fired after having worked for you for 4 years!